Mistress Natalie: NYC Dominatrix

Mistress Natalie: NYC’s Elite Dominatrix Offering Exclusive Femdom

I’ve spent 25 years in this unique lifestyle growing, learning, refining my craft, nurturing amazing relationships, cultivating a sophisticated palate, and evolving into the dominant connoisseur I am today.


Mistress Natalie: NYC’s Elite Dominatrix Offering Exclusive Femdom


I’ve spent 25 years in this unique lifestyle growing, learning, refining my craft, nurturing amazing relationships, cultivating a sophisticated palate, and evolving into the dominant connoisseur I am today.



The Holy Trinity of Hot Kink, Haute Cuisine and High Culture

I define “luxury” as an indulgence in something that provides pleasure, satisfaction, or ease, and “domination” as supremacy or preeminence over another; an exercise of mastery or ruling power. My luxury domination provides exquisite pleasure to those fortunate enough to experience my mastery of the BDSM art form. Under my hand, I encourage the curious to indulge in every aspect of their senses. 

In my extensively equipped private BDSM dungeon in Manhattan, subs can enjoy the luxury of my exquisite collection of tools, toys and custom furnishings. Enter into my domain, leave the world behind, and experience the luxury of Mistress Natalie’s domination.

Favorite BDSM Scenes & Femdom Activities

Power Exchange • Pegging • Predicament Bondage • Sensory Deprivation •  Tease and Denial • Leather Bondage • Chastity • Feminization • Sissification • Role Play • Hypnosis • Corporal Punishment • Fisting • Slave Training • Urethral Sounds • EStim • Traditional BDSM • Sensual BDSM • Violet Wand • Medical BDSM • Sensory Play • Mummification • CBT • Nipple Play • Showers • Foot Worship • Boot Worship • Discreet Public BDSM Play • Shaving • Speculums • Enemas • Punishment Enemas • Large Volume Enemas • Needles • Sutures • Venus 2000 • Milking • Shopping Excursions • Social Time • Findom • Breast and Scrotal Infusions • Medical Feminization • Cuckold • Forced Bi • Double Domme BDSM • Latex Worship

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KinkyCoaching™ (BDSM life coaching)

Let me take you beyond the limits of our play session and bring the healing power of BDSM to other areas of your life. I offer KinkyCoaching™, creating a more regimented BDSM experience where goal setting is the primary focus – short or long term, personal or professional.

Are there areas of life where you would like to see improvement? Do you feel you need a routine to keep yourself on track? Do you lack a more detailed approach to your day? Perhaps you struggle to keep yourself accountable to goals, New Year’s resolutions, or longstanding priorities. If yes, then KinkyCoaching™ is just what you need. I will hold you accountable – to Me!

Therapeutic BDSM

From my own experience I’ve seen the transformative power of kink on healing the mind, body and soul. Besides the exquisite pleasure of power exchange and sensual release, I’ve seen BDSM enhance relaxation, stress relief, improved self esteem, goal accomplishment, self-actualization, and self-acceptance. I’ve seen the therapeutic nature of BDSM foster a sense of wellbeing and spark lasting change in the lives of those I’ve cared for as Mistress Natalie, and I love to include a healing dynamic in our exchange.

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Lifestyle BDSM

The biggest surprise about being a professional dominatrix is the amazing relationships that have developed over the years. It’s something I never expected, nor could have predicted. I’ve had some of the same subs in my stable for more than twenty years. These relationships have grown, thrived and lasted longer than many traditional friendships or marriages. I am so grateful for them and can only hope to fill my life with more.

Over time, I began to expand past structured scenes at my dungeon and bring the D/s dynamic into new settings. After our foundation is built, we can incorporate more social time with activities like dining out, visiting museums, shopping, travel, yoga, hiking, and cooking. In these situations, our time together is more organic and offers the opportunity for our unique bond to grow in delightfully unexpected ways.

Lifestyle BDSM allows both the Dominant and the sub to grow further. With shared experiences, you and I will create a sense of intimacy, learn the inner workings of each others’ minds, and relax into a sense of ease and security as we become truly bonded. My partners have taken part in fulfilling acts of submission and service that have brought them inspiration, strength and a sense of purpose that radiates positive change into every corner of their lives.

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Medical Mistress

Long before I knew that FemDom existed, I had an interest in the human body and medicine. I loved flipping through the pages of my mother’s nursing textbooks, staring at illustrations of diseased body parts and malformations. I always wanted to play “doctor” with my friends, poking and prodding while hiding my head under a sheet like I’d seen on TV. When I entered the BDSM world I discovered MedFet–Medical Fetish play. I knew immediately that becoming your Medical Mistress was my calling. This particular niche has become one of my specialties and I’m widely considered an expert in Medical Femdom.

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My Femdom Wardrobe

The luxury of domination begins with a Femdom wardrobe that hugs each delicious curve of my body and displays my physical power. My signature look is a skin-tight catsuit, revealing my luscious shape yet covering my superior flesh from your unworthy gaze. I love latex clothing, and my latex wardrobe is vast: custom catsuits from Savagewear, a ballgown from Polymorph, skirts, stockings, dresses, bodysuits, chaps, medical uniforms, gloves and gauntlets. If I deem you worthy of seeing me in it, expect to shine it to brilliance.

My lingerie collection is extensive, exclusively stocked with Bordelle, Agent Provocateur, Honey Birdette, and other high-end lingerie houses. Almost exclusively black, my lingerie creates an intoxicating contrast with my fair skin; my collection of hosiery from Wolford and Falke slide sinuously against my legs and create an incredible opportunity for you to worship at my altar. My firm ass in tight black yoga pants drives many subs to the brink of insanity; and I’m happy to indulge you from above.

In true Goddess fashion I own many corsets – leather, rubber, and satin – and wear them for scenes of worship and honor as your Queen. I love the smell of leather and I’ll make you melt when you inhale it deeply during our scene.

My glorious shoe and boot collection will leave you crawling on the floor to get a better view. Mules, pumps, scrappy shoes, Mary Janes, platforms, ankle boots, knee-high boots, thigh-high boots and a shameless 15 pairs of Louboutins – and they all need regular maintenance from your tongue! Good subs know to ask for me shoe size before adding to my collection.

I require to know your wardrobe preference before our engagement but I dress only at my own discretion. If there’s a fetish item you enjoy missing from my collection, perhaps you should provide it!

Important Details

Be exactly on time: being either early or late is disruptive.

Arrive fresh and clean; otherwise, you may shower at my studio before we play.

Be respectful of my time and energy – this includes phone or text communications, email correspondence, and our session time. Keep your communication outside of our session brief, to the point, and reverent.

My rates are non-negotiable and any attempts to do so are highly offensive to my experience and skill.

Schedule one to two weeks ahead of time. Same-day appointments are rarely available.

Thoroughly read and understand my deposit and cancellation policy before inquiring.

Properly Addressing Me

You may address me as Mistress, Ma’am, Daddy/Mommy, Goddess, or Queen. In public settings when necessary, you may address me as simply “Natalie”; your deference in tone and tenor will indicate your submission in those moments.

No other forms of address are acceptable to Me!