Fully Transformed, Bernadette earns her girls night out

Sissy slut Bernadette planned a well-conceived surprise for me, one she knew I would love.  Upon opening my door I see she has arrived already fully dressed, transformed to perfection.  It was such a rewarding surprise, seeing all the years of training come together, showing me her utter devotion and willingness to do anything for her Mistress.  Presenting herself to me transformed to perfection.
Legs smooth and shaved, French tipped nails, matching toes with ring.  Open toed heels that she walked in so gracefully.  Her dress was well-fitted and accessorized with just the right amount of jewelry. Hair and makeup were flawless. She was perfectly styled, nothing overlooked or forgotten.  Bernadette knows I’m a stickler for details.
Bernadette had revealed to me that in preparation for my surprise she had been taking voice and walking lessons, spending countless hours practicing at home, wanting to be that graceful lady for her Mistress.  She also went to a professional makeup and wig artist to style her properly before her visit.  Bernadette was determined to be able to meet and exceed my expectations of her.
Bernadette did not disappoint at all in presentation or performance that evening. She was, as always, the most obedient sissy submissive.  Surrendering herself to all of my sadistic tortures, willing to take anything to please her Mistress.  I must confess it was so much fun taking Bernadette from the meticulously presented lady she arrived as and seeing the disheveled, used and abused slut she left as.

Her hard work and extra effort pleased me enough to have earned her the much sought after reward- girl’s night out.  We went to a show and had drinks at Henrietta Hudson.