My Summer Recap…all 5 senses explored

As many of you know I’m a huge HUGE fan of the summer and dread even the thought of colder weather. In order to ward of the impending winter blues (hey winter for me is anything under 70 degrees)l I’ve decided recap my summer and use it to storm though the fall in hot and heavy fashion, keeping things sizzling hot. The summer may be ending but the fun sure isn’t.
I can’t think of a better place to start than with my Burlesque adventures. As a longtime fan and admirer of the art I had the pleasure of attending a multitude of fabulous performances though out the city. The sexy Stormy Leather, Marlo Marquise, Nasty Canasta, Amber Ray and many more captivated their audience’s eyes and ears, including yours truly, with their artfully presented, intellectually executed, wildly entertaining nude performances. How can you not love Burlesque? An added perk was winning 3rd place in the Best Dressed audience contest at one of the shows.
On the horizon for the fall is the 10th Annual NEW YORK BURLESQUE FESTIVAL. This will be my 6th year attending and I cannot wait. Performers from across the US and across the globe will put on their best just to strip them off. What a perfect way to keep the heat dialed up.
This summer my olfactory and gustatory senses were satiated with exquisite culinary delights. Le Bernardin was the shining star of the summer. I was so impressed with the modern, warm and inviting décor; attentive yet friendly service, and beautiful sea painting that graced the rear wall of the dining room. The artfully executed ocean theme was perceptible but not overstated. The recent remodeling vastly improved the overall dining experience and the meal was seafood perfection.
For a bit of a culinary adventure I took by bike and rode the 60 miles round trip to my favorite restaurant, Blue Hill at Stone Barns. It was such a beautiful ride and peddling there and back offset any guilt from indulging in an 8 plus course meal.
The dining surprise of the summer was Adour. Shortly after a Julien Jouhannaud took over as head chef I had the pleasure of an enjoying a marvelous dinner. While there is little buzz about Adour I was thoroughly impressed with both service and the well-executed, beautifully composed dishes. A very pleasant surprised indeed.
Lucky for me the culinary adventures will continue in October when I head to Vegas for the first time. I will eat like a Queen: é by josé andrés, Twist, Sage, and Kabuto. I think I’ll need to bike there and back to work of these meals. I believe é is a 20 course dinner. A full stomach will most certainly keep me warm for the fall. I will also be shooting guns and watching naked women while in Vegas… the rest of this year is shaping up to be smoken hot.
My proudest moment this summer was accomplishing a personal goal of riding a 100miles, a century is a benchmark, similar to a marathon for runners , in cycling. On August 26th, after a summer of training I rode and finished (10 minutes shy of 7 hours) my first 100 miles. I chose wisely and picked a very flat tour out in North Fork LI. It was the most scenic ride passing through the wine country, the farms, and the water. It was a gorgeous day with a skyline that looked like a painting. It was perfect and I can’t wait to tackle a more challenging one next year. In this ride all of my senses were captivated. Feeling the sun on my skin, the wind rushing over my body, the road beneath me; seeing the picturesque views; hearing the gusty wind; tasting the salt air. A magical day indeed.
Even more important than the 100 miles I just rode is the 55 I will ride in October for MS. I have another personal goal of raising at least $5065 for MS again this year. I’ll be registering soon, don’t worry I’ll let you know when it’s time to donate. AND DONATE YOU WILL!
I must also mention that I was really touched by the completely self-motivated act of one of my best slaves. After hearing about my charity with MS (and of course donating generously) he took it upon himself to join the cause and participate in an MS fundraiser this summer. It was a 5 mile obstacle course race that he did with a family member raising a very substantial amount for MS. It was so unexpected I just wanted to take a moment to express how wonderful I felt it was. Obviously this would not be an option for most, so do what you can, donate, donate, donate.
More on the horizon for keeping my fall nice and hot and keeping my senses excited.