After 6 years at my current location (that I poured my heart and soul into) I might have to move. My lease is up again and my landlord is trying to raise my rent 20%. My rent has already gone up 10% every year I have been at that location and as you are well aware I have not raised my rates in over 7 years.
I have potentially found an alternate location BUT it’s in Brooklyn on Jay St. I need to know if my relocating to Jay St would seriously impact your ability to be in service to me. Would it not be a non issue, a minor inconvenience, a moderate one or would it make it very challenging? The alternative is increasing my tribute $50. The rate increase will work for the short term but if I cannot negotiate a lease with a low annual increase the move may be inevitable after another year or two anyway.
Please take the time to send me a brief email or call and leave a message with your thoughts.
Thank you for your input