Foodie Adventure One: Alinea at Eleven Madison Park

I am no food writer or critic so I will not litter this post with epic ramblings of each course or describe the unique mouth feel of the plates in these modernist meals. I will tell you that DELICIOUS, YUM, OMG, WOW, AMAZING and BEAUTIFUL were uttered numerous times during both of these magical 20+ course dining experiences.
First was Alinea at Eleven Madison Park. I was lucky enough to be on the ticket website during the short UNANNOUNCED 20 minute window the tickets went on sale. It really was the most unique storybook food adventure one could imagine. The experience transformed you to a different place and made you feel like you were part of a fairytale. By far this was the most all-encompassing dining event I have ever been to. My pictures and descriptions do not do it justice so I’m including a link to a wonderful article about it-please check out the slideshow in the article×00037
Anytime a green apple taffy helium balloon is part of your meal you know it’s going to have FUN.