Keeping Busy


I know it has been a while since I’ve written about my exploits but I love to keep my slaves in anxious anticipation. My 38th birthday recently past and was very eventful. I got to dish out my fair share of spanks to be taken in honor of me and an array other of wonderful gifts.

post birthday spanks, I love getting older

 I received 3 wonderful firearms (unfortunately they must be kept in Florida), a Taurus PT 25 automatic,  a Smith and Wesson M&P AR-15 with a Yankee Hill quad rail, a Nikon 223 3-9 BDC scope, Caldwell bipod and a 3.5 lb trigger pull, last but not least- my new love- is a Glock 19 competition 9mm with a 3.5 lb trigger pull and 15 round magazines.


My birthday month was also filled with amazing culinary adventures.  I was taken to Keen’s, finally getting to experience that old school New York vibe. My steak was very good but I was most impressed with their 3 page densely packed single malt menu.  I do not drink Scotch but it was a marvel to see.  I assume it is a must for any Scotch connoisseur.


Atera, Matthew Lightner’s New York modernist restaurant was a perfect birthday foodie adventure. I’ve attached to menu to make you all drool over something other than me.


Not only have I been celebrating I’ve been having fun learning and teaching new ways to control my slaves even more deeply.  Mistress Nadia and I played with a lucky slave where I showed her how to administer sutures as chastity and sisification and she showed me how to use skin staples as bondage.  It was SO MUCH FUN.




Last but not least I got some time in the kitchen and made an adorable pig cake  for my sister.