Sometimes Mistakes Aren't All Bad

After 2 days in chastity my property  #2 arrived as instructed locked and in pretty thong panties that he had worn all day at work.  I had every intention of giving my slave the reward of being unlocked after  an evening of service. My  property was to pass me the key before we being but there was a problem…he lost it.  Yes locked for 2 days hoping for relief and now no key, not left at home….lost.
Sometimes mistakes are a good thing 🙂 🙂 I am absolutely giddy. #2 now has an evening in service,  no reward and he will, of course, be getting punished for his carelessness in loosing the key.
The evening was spent with my property shinning my latex, rubbing my feet and getting a very good, very hard strap-on fucking.  I sent him home caged, pantied, and plugged; with instructions to get the lock of…some how, send me a picture of it and then replace it with a new lock. He is to remain that way, locked in chastity, until he is called for service again.  No relief, no reward, suffering for his mistress 🙂