My Halloween Tradition

It all started on Halloween 3 years ago. It was the first Halloween I was ever at my dungeon playing. I had lived in the West Village for over a decade prior and trying to get through the parade was an exercise in frustration, something I would not tolerate.  I then moved to Hell’s Kitchen allowing me to venture out to my dungeon on Halloween .   I was scheduled to meet my long time property from the sunshine state.  Having a wonderful time dressing my sissy, pain slut up in a corset, stockings, heels make-up wig and maids uniform I thought he looked so good  I wanted to go outside and parade him around….It was Halloween after all.
With no warning l I commanded him to follow me. Like the well trained, owned slut that he is he proceeded to walk behind me out the door, down the stairs, and onto the street.  I displayed him proudly block after blocking, watching him navigate the city streets in heels. It was so much fun.
This Halloween was even better- I had my same property in corset, school girl uniform, pig tails, knee socks and mary janes follow me out in 5:30 RUSH HOUR street traffic.  The looks, turned heads, cat calls and solicitations but I let every suitor know she was all mine and that I was lucky to have such a dirty slut. Realizing that the night would not be complete without a photo
I look her back to get my camera and then back on the street to find someone to take our picture.  I could have easily kept her out all night. This is the most fun I’ve had on Halloween yet and I know it will be even better next year.