The Devil is in the Details

My property has served me very well over the years but I have noticed an unfortunate trend in his behavior as of late, he tends to overlook the details.  Some recent instances have been misplacing the key to his chastity, forgetting to wear his tag, not reading emails carefully consequently overlooking important instructions, and lastly putting on his panties inside out.  While every instance was dealt with in an appropriate manor until I was satisfied with the reparations made, this time I decided to photograph his punishment for his last oversight, putting his panties on inside out, to serve as a more permanent reminder to pay attention to the details.  Hopefully the very public and very visual punishment will remind him to pay attention.

The devil is in the details and I am very detail oriented 🙂 I am confident this will be an excellent solution for my property to keep focused and pay close attention from now on.