Next time you are walking down the street stop for a moment, look at everyone around you and wonder where are they going and why.  I had the most exceptional walk around mid-town yesterday.  My dutiful slave arrived promptly at 5pm.  As soon as he was inside I handed him a 4 oz bottle of caster oil and made him drink the whole thing before any words were exchanged.  I then told him how I was in a mood to discipline and spent 2 hours enjoying every stoke I laid into his flesh until it was red, welted and bruised.  I wanted to see his effort, his willingness to work hard to please me, the whole time the castor oil working its way through his system.  At 7pm I was satisfied and made him put on a pair of pantyhose and get dressed.  I lead him outside and went for a walk.  Him following a step behind I would randomly stop and go into stores bring him further and further away from the studio. At 8pm, 3 hours after ingestion I asked how he was feeling…..”Not very well Mistress” he replied and I said “good” slowly leading him back to the studio allowing him to use the bathroom. What an exhilarating walk in the city.