Fabulous Day of Play ending with Dinner at Marea

Yesterday was a perfect balance of all of my favorite things…KINKY FUN, physical activity, great food, great wine and EXCELLENT company. My contracted and registered slave 123-694-336 earned a reward day.  He was instructed to spend the first part of the day in a special pair of pink panties running errands before meeting me for his weigh in.  Thankfully (for him) he passed.  Next was bringing him for his first attempt at rock climbing.  Of course the entire time I was secretly hoping his pink panties would somehow become exposed during his climbs. I can only imagine the extra anxiety it gave him. 🙂 🙂 🙂 Staring up at this 23″ wall knowing at any point while clinging to the all for dear life his shirts could ride up or pants ride down exposing neon pink panties. To my chagrin  he made it through with no panty exposure.
I  then take my  physically and emotionally exhausted rock climbing slave back to my studio.   At this time I up the ante and demand he chafe into an even more humiliating  pair of panties.   I am relentless.  Once in the panties he must surrender to a beating where I get to break in my new silicone paddle, which I love btw.   When finally satiated and convinced that 123-694-336 was completely drained, very sore, very humiliated and feeling completely owned it was time for dinner.
After all that he had to try and present  “normal” at dinner.  Sill in his special panties sitting on a sore, abused ass, drained and humiliated.
Dinner was excellent and thanks to 123-694-336, I was able to meet the chef de cuisine that night at dinner.