A Heartfelt Testimonial

I have had the honor and privilege of working with Natalie for my “boot therapy” for about the last three and a half years to work on some important healthy lifestyle and personal goals for the benefit of my family.  With her no nonsense approach, tough discipline and strictness,  Natalie has empowered me and motivated me to develop inner strength on MANY different levels. She will punish harshly (yes-she does punish when needed) and will you be held accountable in every aspect with strategic planning and firmness.   Natalie is relentless in making you be the best you can be. She will empower you and inspire you but there is no “monkey business” when Natalie runs the ship. The “bottom” line is you will pay the consequences for any infractions (big or small) when Natalie is captain.  Her intelligence, skills and  expertise coupled with her dedication , care and efficiency make her a  leading professional in the field.”