Happy 40th to me

In honor of my 40th birthday I wanted to do something that I have never done before-make my own human (calorie and guilt free) BIRTHDAY CAKE.  My property arrived to me not knowing what to expect but he, as always offered himself to me completely.  I announced that he would get 40 birthday lashes with my favorite tool…he then asked permission to take 50.  I of course planned on giving him 10 extra for good luck! Then I informed  him that there would be more to make all my birthday wishes come true.
After the very well taken 50 were administered I admired the perfectly festive birthday marks and instructed him to lie face down….then I took out my lip pencil and drew a big number 40 on his back.  I walked over to the medical cabinet and retrieved a brand new box of 100 hypodermic needles.  Ahhhh and the birthday cake decorating was about to commence…one after the other, outing the number 40…not with icing but with NEEDLES.  Over the course of an hour  I placed 61 needles in him making the beautiful design.  I then got a candle and dripped a mound of wax onto his back and stuck in my birthday cake candle.  I lit it up and had him sing me my Happy Birthday song, made a wish and blew the candle out….wouldn’t you know the wish came true.