Tweeting not Posting

It has come to my attention that as of late I have been tweeting but not posting my escapades. Only recently having opened a Twitter account myself, I forget that not everybody has one. Here is a recap. I have done quite a bit of traveling, sessioning in Houston, DC, and Florida combined with some excellent scenes here in the city.
In the photo gallery below you will see my brand-new Mr. S leather bondage belts that I absolutely love. A very voluminous scrotal inflation- one of my best ever :-). Pictures of my travel adventures  with all my packed gear, hotel and home bondage and a very appropriate gift that was given too me. Lastly, the CB 6000 chastity device, weighed on the scale. When you have your property under contract to make weight and in chastity until he does- EVERY ounce counts. Being the very strict but fair Mistress that I am, the 2 ounces were  deducted from the total weight. I swear sometimes I am just too kind!