Mistres Victoria shares her piggy with me

How much fun was had ball busting, flogging, caning, piercing, and invading Mistress Victoria’s piggy.  We started with an intense round of ball busting-squeezing, kicking, kneeing and whipping and piggy took each and every blow.  Then piggy was made to stand face to the wall exposing an entire untouched canvas….flogging turned to whipping turned to caning.  Piggy would get 10 then ask for 10 more.  Mistress Victoria and I took turns until we reached 100 cane stroke and splintered my cane 🙂
Then on to piggy piercings…his first ever.  To memorialize the event, written on his his in his own piggy blood, our initials N and V.
Then piggy got stuffed from end to end and was made to eat his piggy mess