Oh such fun!

My property presented himself to me, as always, ready to serve and bearing gifts. Three new crops for me to play with and two crop holders he will be installing. After seeing a recent photo of a  slave tortured with a corona electric cap it was on my mind and I wanted to play. Out came the belts, the electrics, and a big smile on my face. It also gave me a chance to see how nicely the piercing I gave him has held up. Being belted, bound,  but still very exposed I decided to lay into his nipples. The reaction I got was perfection. Squirming helplessly against the belts as I increased the electrics, brought out the clothespins and the ice cubes. After an hour of torture I unbelted my exhausted property, flipped him over and began to try out play  my new crops. So much fun.  Finally it was time to take my new leather swing for a test drive. My property helped build the structure to anchor it into the ceiling, only fair I  tether him to it. Once appropriately bound my strap on came out and the fucking commenced!