My life as a slave and a testimonial to my Owner Mistress Natalie

I have been doing sessions for as long as I can remember, I have spent more years in service than not. This is who I am. I have sessioned with some world renowned Dommes such as Amanda Wildfyre, Isabella Sin Claire, and Mistress Mir. I also had the privilege of doing a video with Ilsa Strix in San Francisco and Mistress Brianna of D.C., the list goes on and on. But the NYC fetish scene is my home, it’s where I cut my teeth with the likes of Mistress Troy, Mistress Troy Orleans, the whole Nutcracker suite crew, Domino, Avalon, you old school people know who I mean, and of course Mistress Ariana, who I have been friends with her for over 20 years. I have also served as a full time live in slave to 2 Dommes, my own real life 50 Shades of Grey (which, of course, I could not be bothered to read). Before I give my testimonial to my Owner and Alpha Mistress Natalie I just want to thank all the Mistresses who trained me, taught me and had some input into shaping me into who I am today I…Thank you!
After knowing who Mistress Natalie was for years I finally decided to book a session with her. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, not really looking for anything different, but what I got was life altering. One session led to another, and another. Next thing I knew I was seeing her regularly for multi-hour sessions. We just clicked from the start. And now,almost 5 years later, I am her tagged and owned property. When I met my Alpha, she wasn’t looking to take on a personal slave; she was not looking for a new property to tag, but she must have seen something in me.
Whatever Mistress Natalie saw was the biggest gift I ever got, as her ownership had taken me from the brink of doing something I could never undo…
She always held me accountable for my actions; she not only challenged me but pushed me into areas I never thought I could go. She has molded me into her personal “Sweet Pain” masochist that she has full control of my Mind, Body, and Soul. I have been beaten, beaten bloody, but am left always wanting to take more for her.
After countless hours of dedicated service, trials and challenges she decided I had earned the privilege of being her property and ordered my custom tag (1 of only 4 in existence). I was like a kid waiting for Christmas anticipating its arrival. Finally the day came and she placed it around my neck, it felt so natural. I knew this precious tag came with extra duties. Each of her tagged properties has their own individual extra ways to serve her. Mine is to take care of her studio- clean equipment, fix what might be broken and so on. When she handed me a set of my own keys to the studio I was in awe. It was a right of passage for me. I never saw it coming and the impact was profound.
My continued service to Mistress Natalie was not without incident. She used the say, before I was tagged, during my assessment phase…”If I choose to own you I plan on it being forever and I always take care of what’s mine” those words have never been more true to me….. Do to my own short comings, at one point in service, I was instructed to return my tag to her. I knew it was what needed to be done. Surprisingly she did not throw me away, as I know she had the right to do. After some serious deliberating and a long hiatus from service, she offered me the opportunity to earn my tag back. She let me know that it would be twice as hard this time and wanted assurance I was up to task. I WAS indeed up to the task and she did NOT make it easy…. I will say the whole experience has made a better person.  The journey was character building.  I was aware she could have said at any time “I am done with you” or worst dismissed me from her service forever but she never did. She made me earn every step to getting back to someone she could be proud of to call her property…
Being in service to Mistress Natalie has been a wonderful roller coaster ride. Today there are not many decisions that I make without her guidance. I really don’t know where I would be without her. She is not only my Alpha but has been a life coach and an inspiration …… I am her slave, but also human and of course I have messed up a few times but she never wavered from being my owner. She has always made me see my mistakes, punished me for my mistakes and most importantly made me learn from my mistakes striving not to repeat them. Mistress I want to thank you for allowing me to be who I truly am.  I look forward to many years together in service to you, learning from you and being better for you! Serving a true Alpha female and an Old School style Domme, a true sadist who can bring out the best in every person she sees. She continues to surprise me every day. My Owner, my Alpha, my Mistress..THANK YOU!