Hypnotized and in Chastity

Today I set out to completely control my feminized slave through deep hypnosis and chastity. As commanded my girl arrived to me in bra, panties, stockings and garter with a remote controlled pussy plug deep inside. She knew that I was taking her to the next level and her anticipation was palpable. After years of  hypnosis domination she has become very comfortable in her feminized state, responding to implanted triggers even when she is not with me.  I control her easily from afar.  It is such a reward to see how far she has come and how deeply I have been able to mind control her.  I decided to use this weekend to truly explore her submission by putting her in chastity for the first time.
I am ready to start having fun using my control over her and seeing how powerful my hypnosis is.  I begin by adding nipple clamps, tucking them into her bra, and replacing her panties with a diaper adding a pair of rubber panties over it.  I then cinch her into a very restrictive heavily boned corset.  This gives her a most visceral reminder of who owns her.
Now that she is dressed it’s time for me to further enjoy humiliating and controlling her.  I take my pet out and about for a walk through the heavily monitored streets of the city.  Doing this while the pope is just blocks away makes it all the more entertaining.  Once outside I manipulate the remote control causing her pussy to spasm.
I walk her into a coffee shop and I direct her to sit across from me.  Sipping my drink I pull out my iPod with a pre-recorded hypnosis tailored just for my pet.  I make her listen, as my voice puts her even deeper under my hypnotic spell out in public for everyone to seet.  She sits  with eyes closed listening to every word as I enjoy my drink.  Once my words have taken effect I seal the hypnosis by bringing her into the bathroom and blindfolding her. As she stands blindfolded she is forced to listen to my golden nectar spill into the toilet.  The sound starts to active her bladder, she has no control, it was the hypnosis trigger!  I take the blindfold off and walk out of the bathroom with her and head back to my studio. As we walk along she beings to uncontrollably wet her diaper, little by little, then gush by gush, until my control is complete and she is left in a soaking wet diaper.  I have it, TOTAL CONTROL, even of her bodily functions.
Once she has cleaned up I begin the next phase of even deeper control…chastity.  I lock my clit up very tight and seal the cage with a combination lock.  She will not get the code until Monday…4 full days of being locked. She will have no escape, no release and she will love being so owned.
All locked up I change her into another sexy outfit and shackle her to the ceiling. I continue torturing her already sore tits and applying eclectic torture to her ovaries.  All of this attention is making her clit very aware of being caged.  I am enforcing what we both know, she lives and breathes to serve and please me.
Before I send her home I put her in a very pretty pair of pink ruffle panties over her clit cage and prepare something for her to take with her. I exit returning with a water bottle that is warm and filled with my golden essence.  My  girl will be allowed to drink my magic nectar to help  stay feminized and controlled…..Will she make all 4 days? We shall see.