Feasting on Flesh

Being naturally dominant I never feel the need to “role play.”  With that said I do love to take my dominant disposition and use it in different contrived scenarios.  I recently joined Mistress Anya  for a total psychological mind fuck cannibalism scene.  It was both creative and very satisfying. Slave had a dolcett fetish and we were more than eager to use our morbid creativity to make the scene come to life.
Mistress Anya and I purchased our human piggy as a renewable food source. He is to be kept, prepped, feasted on and let to heal so we can feast again.   Piggy is also being prepared to be as tasty as possible. Once he has achieved perfect flavor he will be sacrificed for a huge feast where all our friends are invited to share in our prized meat….does someone smell bacon?
In order to prepare piggy for a sample taste he must first be “tenderized.”  Mistress Anya and I gather our tenderizing tools….floggers, paddles, canes and crops.  We spend the better part of an hour using all our  implements on piggy until we feel he the meat has been well pounded.
Then it is time to season and flavor piggy.  He is trussed and stuffed with carrots and the best herbs from the farmers market- rosemary, thyme and basil.  We add our golden essence to make the marinade complete. Piggy is then wrapped tight in saran wrap and left to absorb the aromatics.
After a nice long marinade piggy is poached in nice hot water and ready to be sampled.  We stuff him with an apple and harvest the sample meat to cook.
After a quick grill we both determine piggy needs more work…He is tough and sour.  He will be allowed to heal and we will start again over again….hopefully with tastier results.