Mistress Alicia and Mistress Natalie Torture for a BIG reward

I had so much fun with Mistress Alicia delving into a deep psychological role-play where we were commissioned to capture and torture our subject and turn him into a pain slut. We were to receive a handsome $5 million reward for our efforts. The experience was absolutely divine. Tapping into our most sadistic and dark desires. Our captive was hopelessly bound, threatened with knives, burnt with cigarettes, beaten heavily and squirmed under piping hot candle wax.  He was heavily humiliated with  every hole being used. After knifing his clothes off we forced him into slutty attire. We then plunged steel sounds deep into his urethra, gagged his mouth with shreds of his ripped off clothes and ass fucked him mercilessly with huge frozen carrots. As we tortured him laughter echoed through the dungeon. The humiliation continued as he was forced to drink our golden and spend time with his head in the toilet after we utilized the facilities. Even our lunch became a form of torment, using him as our personal dining table, eating our lunch on his back making sure he didn’t spill a thing and threatening to beat and fuck him with out liter sized glass Pellegrino bottles. It was a divine five hours of immersive role play where Alicia and I artfully played off of one another. I can’t get enough.