2016 Already satisfied my foodie appetite

Despite my hectic travel and renovation schedule I was able to ring in the New Year with two amazing meals.  First was a gift to myself…dinner at Masa. No photos are allowed but I can say it was just as memorable as last year.  Putting the unparalleled sushi aside, my favorite part is always getting to talk with Chef Masa himself.  He is funny, down to earth and has amazing energy.  I would go just to chat with him and watch him at his craft!
Second was my favorite restaurant of all time, Blue Hill at Stone Barnes. I would guess this was my 16th or so dinner there in the past 12 years. It is never less than amazing. The highlights this time were the ham hock “taco”, kojinut (sp?) tartar, brussel sprouts with charcoal mayo and squash tempura. I was not able to get all the dishes but this is a fairly comprehensive list. All items were gluten and dairy free except the ones indicated with ** A very special THANK YOU to slut puppy for taking me.
Farm vegtables
Kohlrabi with poppy seeds/poppy butter
Fennel flower
Ashwagandha dusted veggie chips
**Foraged tart – ingredients foraged from the farm
**Mushroom Burger
Brussel sprout tress with charcoal mayo
Moss with venison
Charcoal tempura squash
Seaweed celery root “candy”- no photo
Squash salad Squash juice
“Kojinut” squash tartare bread by Cornell University researcher, Michael Mazourek specifically for Blue Hill
Shell fish and what they eat (phytoplankton, krill)
Celery root “grapefruit preparation” with quince paste and c.r. puree
Turmeric tea
Potato pizza with mushrooms
“red pepper egg” from laying hens fed high-carotenoid peppers (bred by Michael Mazourek) and what they ate
Ham hock “taco”
Venison with cabbage
Spinach and crosne with beef tallow “candle”
Squash seed puree
**Beet sorbet