No limits

I couldn’t be more proud of tagged slave  123–694–336. 2015 was a challenging year but slut puppy worked very, very hard. I would easily give him an “A+” effort  but he fell short on consistently meeting certain goals of his contract so “D” on execution. In order earn a renewal of his contract for 2016 slut puppy really needed to be challenged.
I had to ask myself…..What is the best way for my tagged property, slut puppy, to prove to me how much he needed and wanted to be kept under contract for another year??? … Hmmmmmm….Take one of his hard limits and make him do it! That would suffice!!!  After five years of service he needed to prove to me if really wanted to be mine that all NO BOUNT
Slut puppy had a hard limit on any nipple play. I still have his original profile form stating this. What better way to demolish this limit then piercing his nipples. Perfect, this would satisfy me. Slut puppy knew this was the plan but could not believe his Mistress would do it, for real (he should know better by now).
Seeing his pale skin and feeling his sweaty palms, knowing the anxiety was building and mounting, made me want to do more and more :-). Forceps out, needles on display, definitely building the anticipation prior to insertion.  I don’t know what was more fun the torment of the anticipation or the actual piercing.  As you can see slut puppy showed he he knows there are no longer any boundaries. I am happy and the contract is signed.  Here is to LIMITLESS 2016