My Bloody Valentine

February….. the dreaded Valentine’s month. I decided to embrace this cheesy Hallmark holiday and make it my very own.  No chocolates or flowers for me, I prefer blood and bruises.  Don’t get me wrong chocolates and flowers have their place but not on Valentine’s Day. I can’t think of a better way of expressing my affection and love for my devoted slaves and subs then giving them red, beaten, bloodied bottoms.  Taking those marks home with them says so much more than a greeting card.
I  was recently gifted some wonderful new implements and this was a  perfect time to break them in….. A delicious heart shaped crop with studs on one end, a stainless steel crop, a.k.a. meat tenderizer, and seven beautifully crafted leather paddles custom made in London engraved with the letter “N”. Those came from Mistress Nadia’s collection.
First up was slave tom.  During our fabulous 2 hour scene I got to do many things that I had been looking forward to since the end of last year. It culminated in me testing out the leather paddles and utilizing the heart-shaped crop. Excellent way to start to celebrate.  The heart-shaped crop left a perfect red heart bruise on his ass. The studded side left little perforations it was quite a sight to behold.
Next was Mr. Mom. While it has been quite sometime since I have allowed him the joy of a long strict beating I did utilize the heart shaped crop on him as a Valentine’s Day treat. After all he was the giver of the gift.
Last but definitely not least was my tagged property. This was a special evening for us as  we were celebrating five years of service.   After seeing some of my recent posts he was more than inspired (and a bit jealous) so he bravely offered up to be my Bloody Valentine.  This was going to be the perfect crescendo to my Valentines themed month. He also felt the need to up the ante gifting me the meat tenderizer. Serious gear!!!!
After a long slow build up utilizing all seven leather paddles increasing in intensity I brought out the heart crop and the meat tenderizer. I was so inspired by the wickedly beautiful marks I decided to carve a number 5 into one devastated ass cheak to represent our five years and of course a heart on the other for Valentine’s Day. Looking at the perforations and the grid marks of the meat tenderizer the 5 carved into his flesh and the heart literally dripping I was satisfied. He  was indeed my Bloody Valentine.
A perfect tribute to feed my sadistic desires and a wonderful way to turn a commercial holiday and do something special.