Reeducation and total transformation

Two days reinforcing the reeducation of my slave……
Slave’s old selfish and egotistical behavior was hindering his life and happiness.  I took him on knowing how desperately he was in need of serious control, education, transformation and an Alpha female to hold him accountable for his actions. After years of hard work on my part and many transgressions on his we have finally gotten to a place where he understands  his happiness is dependent on being owned.
Slave visits for frequent tune ups to keep him content and fully immersed in my power; happy in service to his Mistress.
Phase one- Slave is immediately gagged at the front door. He is not to say a word. In years past he was the type to always have an excuse, letting him know right away nothing he says matters is imperative to his submission.  He is helplessly bound and a tube is inserted through the hole in the gag. Large syringe after large syringe of my hot golden nectar, my pheromones and essence is force fed to him. I want to be circulating in his bloodstream. Now, more docile, after my golden infusion, it is time for scrotal inflation therapy.  I want total transformation from the man that walked through the door to my obedient slave. I keep him bound while slowly filling him, watching the scrotum grow and distend. Pushing his transformation further his nipples are pierced with curved barbells. Put in a pretty pink bra and panty set the transformation is almost complete. He is bent over,  panties pulled halfway down and a large plug is inserted  deep inside. I then instruct him  to put on his “man uniform” and go about his business for the day returning to me five hours later.
Phase two-He returns promptly as instructed and is blindfolded and heavily bound. His very tender pierced nipples are put in suction devices extending and filling them. Electric bands are attached to his inflated scrotum, an electric sound pushed into his urethra and electric pussy plug replaces the exiting one . The breast suction and electroshock treatment are relentless and exhausting. When he is at the breaking point I release him and immediately put him in chastity. He is given another sexy bra and panty and made to dress.
Slave has endured his treatment well so I grant him the privilege of taking me out to dinner, up until this point his requests have been denied. Conversation is definitely interesting given his exhausted state, like talking to someone who had taken a small does of drugs. I love sitting across from him knowing exactly what’s going on underneath his clothes and why he’s so out of it. Simple things like ordering were a challenge. Truly this makes everything taste so much better. After dinner slave is sent back to his hotel.
Phase three- Slave is strapped into my swing, feet positioned high above is head, blindfolded and spread eagle. The strap-on assault begins, no warm up…full force from the beginning. Diving myself into slave harder and deeper at a relentless pace I see he is straining hard against his chastity. This only encourages my hips to increase my already aggressive thrusts. Slave begins to utter nonsense as if speaking in tongues.
With my strap on still buried inside I unlock his cage and attach my Venus 2000 milking machine. Cranking up the speed and continuing my assault. It is unbearable for slave. He is now preying or some such nonsense which I ignore and go full throttle with the Venus. Then… on a whim, I stop everything and laugh…. a huge belly laugh at his condition. I am satisfied!
I leave to let slave to recover and return about 20 minutes later. I lock slave back in chastity, release his bondage and allow him to thank me for his treatment my kissing my boots.
Slave is given a combination lock box with the key to his chastity inside…….
It’s been several days since slave has left and I have had time to reflect and write. I am still cherishing the secret code to the lock box…it makes me smile! How long will slave wait????