Holding a small lock in my hand I twist the key, unlocking it.  I place the key inside a combination lock box, shut the box and scramble the numbers.  I take a small pink sticker with the letter N and glue it to the front of the lock then tape the lock open on a note card. On the back of the notecard  a brief letter instructing Dress-up Doll to send me a photo of the lock in place on his metal chastity cage as soon as it arrives. The lock and lock box are placed in a priority envelope and dropped at the post office.  Dress-up Doll is going to be locked in chastity for days prior to my arrival.
Entering Dress-up Dolls apartment I carry only a small pink velvet bag.  This bag is the key to my control, inside 15 locks are nestled together, each one and matching key have been sequentially numbered with a black sharpie.
It has been too long since my last visit, I know my doll will need to be shaved.  I get four razors and a huge tub of hot water, shaving cream and a wash cloth. Dress-up Doll is tied with hands above her head then shaven from head to toe…chest, under arms, forearms, stomach, thighs, calves, ass and all around the metal cage. Oh so smooth just like a Barbie.
My doll is looking so much better already. I  attach a blue electric band to her chastity and a small steel electric plug is inserted in her pussy. Wires are attached to the devices and left a dangle down her shaven leg. A sheer pink and white frilly bra is placed over her nicely shaved chest and a pair of matching pink and white frilly panties are placed over her chastity. The wires are fed through the leg of the panty.
A pair of baby pink PVC panties are brought up and over her sheer painties and chastity.  Dress-up Doll standing like a mannequin, motionless, waiting, I open my velvet bag emptying out the locks. I line them up in numerical order opening each one and placing the keys back in the bag.  Shifting my attention back to Dress-up Doll I pull the waist-belt of her panties tight, very tight, looping it through the metal clasp. Lock number One is applied to the metal closure and shut, hearing that gratifying snap sound as it locks. I feed the electric wires through one leg opening and grab locks numbered Two and Three.  Just like the waist, the thigh  belts are pulled very tight and popped over the metal clasp. Click, Click….locks Two and Three are applied. Helpless in two pairs of panties my smile grows. 🙂
Dress-up Doll knows exactly how to please her mistress. She took the initiative and ordered a new dress to add to her already beautiful, restrictive, sissy collection. This dress is hot pink and white PVC  customized to be compleatly lockable. I couldn’t be more excited to get her in it.  Sliding the dress over her panties and bra, placing her arms inside, she is zipped in.  Lock number Four in hand I pull the D rings on the back of  the neck collar together. The lock is passed through the rings and zipper ensuring there is absolutely no way out.  This makes the dress collar very very tight:-). Locks Five and Six are used at the D rings on her wrists turning the dress into restraints.  Hearing the clicking noise only drives her helplessness and furthers my control.
I make Dress-up Doll step into yet another pair of panties. This time hot pink and white PVC  matching the dress exactly with D rings on each hip point.  Pulling the panties up and over her chastity, sheer frilly panties, wires, lockable baby pink panties I find matching D rings sewn inside the dress….  The metal rings on the panties and dress line up exactly….Click…..Click.  Locks Seven and Eight are in place, her THIRD pair of panties now secured to the dress…inescapable, she is locked into her dress in every way!
Dress-up Doll is instructed to sit down. Even this simple task is a challenge…her dress is total bondage, tight made to measure PVC restricting her, eight locks keeping everything held secure. MY HELPLESS DOLL.
Next she is strapped into a black webbed body harness, constricting her even more. I start with her torso applying the straps to her chest and arms.  The webbing has three D rings  down the the chest straps and matching ones on the arms.  After the first half of the harness is in place I pull her flat on the bed and begin webbing her lower body. The full body harness securely in place I attach locks Nine, Ten and Eleven to the rings on her torso.
Play time….I want to make Dress-up doll into My Little Pony :-). I place noise canceling headphones in her ears and secure leather pony ears over the headphones and blinders over her eyes. Dress-up Doll cannot move her head or neck and her blinders prevent her from seeing anything except whats right in front of her. She looks so cute. I plug the headphones into an iPad and rest it on her chest then begin streaming provocative videos. I take the wires poking out from her dress and plug them into an Eros Tek.  Dress-up Doll’s fixed gaze on the screen is making her even more uncomfortable in her chastity device.  I  begin to play with the remote of the Eros Tek turning the electricity up-and-down. She never knows where I am, when I will strike, what is coming next, when or if she will be released.  I have TOTAL CONTROL.
Hours pass before I am satisfied  with my remote torturing and teasing. I return to the bedroom with a bottle of very, very pink nail polish. Dress-up Doll is exactly as I left her, helplessly bound, eyes fixed in front of her, can’t hear anything except the streaming videos. I get close and begin to paint her fingernails. Base coat, first coat, second coat, topcoat, she is so helpless. Each finger, each hand layering on the polish as I layered on the bondage. Looking  at her very shiny, very pink fingernails I move to her toes. My Little Pink Pony 🙂
Once my doll’s mani/pedi is dry it’s time to release her from the relentless visual and physical tortures.  Wires unplugged, pony blinders removed, harness unlocked and my doll is released and instructed to sit up on the edge of the bed. I put her pretty pink manicured toes in a pair of white thigh high stockings and pull them up her smooth shaved legs. Eash foot is slipped into her baby pink PVC bowed 5″ stiletto heels.  The ribbons are laced tight and the ankle strap is pulled and looped over the metal clasp…Click… Click. Locks Twelve and Thirteen dangle off the ankle straps making the shoes inescapable.  Her manicured hands are fit into iron wrist shackles, lock number Fourteen CLICK!. The last lock, number Fifteen, used on shackles secured over her ankle locks.  Layer on top of layer, lock on top of lock. I am happy!
Playtime continues….I put MY DOLL in a electric pink wig. She looks so cute, Mistresses very own anime character.  I straddle her legs and sit on her knees facing her so I can apply pretty make-up.  First I apply foundation covering her entire face and dust the moistened skin with powder. She now has perfect porcelain like doll skin. I grab her cheeks making her lips pucker so I can run super glossy pink lipstick back and forth over them.  I make her rub her pink lips together and make kissy faces just like a doll would. Then eyeshadow and mascara, giving her those big wide doll eyes. I pinch her checks giving them a rosy glow. Finally a few spritzes perfume.
Dress-up Doll is now pretty enough enough for service. With her shackled wrists and ankles teetering in her stilettos, all made up, she is sent into the kitchen to pour me some wine. I could watch her forever, hobbling around all dressed up, locks clanking away. I tease her mercilessly…”Don’t drop it, don’t spill any on your new dress it will stain”… Once I have my wine I send her back in the kitchen to  prepare my dinner. So entertaining watching her trying open a drawer hold a knife, get a plate. The process is tedious and exhausting for my doll. I’m smiling, ear to ear.
After my second glass of wine and dinner it is time to relax. I take out my velvet bag and empty all of the keys on the table.  I organize them in descending order and begin the process of unlayering.  Key 15, ankle shackles off, key 14 wrist shackles off, key 13 left shoe off. On and on and on we go until Dress-up Doll stands before me in nothing other than her stockings, sheer frilly panties and bra, chastity, painted nails and pretty made up face.
Dress-up  Doll  is sent to the bathroom to wash up and get ready for bed. When she returns I take off her frilly panties and replace them with a diaper, securing the tabs in place. Dress-up Doll will not me able to get up once I put her to bed no matter what, no excuses.  On the couch I have laid out her sleep sack with keyed locking zippers.  My doll shimmies into it as I pull it up and over her shoulders.  She lays down and I close the zipper over her diaper and bra and don’t stop until it reaches her neck.  The key is placed in the zipper and she is locked tight! I pour myself another small glass of wine and head into bed room leaving Dress-up Doll to try and find some sleep in her predicament. I know I will be smiling in my dreams.
Waking up rested I head into the kitchen to make some coffee, watching her on the couch while the coffee brews. I move to the lounge chair sipping my cup thinking it tastes much better than usual, I wonder why? Dress-up Doll is awake of course, I’m sure she has been up for hours. I am far from a morning person. But, like a good girl she stays silent and uncomfortable in her position.
Now that my caffeine has kicked in I get up out of the lounger and unlock Dress-up Doll from her sleep sack. She is instructed to head to the bathroom, shower and and put on a fresh pair of bra and panties. She returns looking very cute in her red lacy panty set. I make her kneel  at the foot of the couch and hand her a bottle of foot lotion. Dress-up Doll has been so good she is allowed the privilege of rubbing my feet as I lay on the couch watching a bit of TV before I leave.
Feeling happy, relaxed yet energized and ready to feel the fresh air on my skin I hand Dress-up Doll the combination lock box with the scrambled code. I head toward the door grabbing my pink velvet bag.  I pat her on the head and tell her she must stay in her bra and panties and polish the rest of the weekend. She nods her head obediently as I walk out.
Dress-up Doll will stay in chastity for seven more days enforcing my overriding power and control.  She will anxiously await her email with the code to open the box. I love my plaything, she is a very good girl.