It's my birthday month… let the games begin!

In honor of my birthday I’m taking the month of April to celebrate….celebrate with kinky games of chance.  I’ve never been a fan of the whole “Vegas concept”  but recently had an extraordinarily inspiring scene that has me wanting to create Natalie’s Vegas Birthday in New York.  I admit, luckily, almost every (sans a few big ones) fantasy or kinky endeavor  I’ve imagined I’ve brought to life on some level. This recent scene has had my mind whirling with possibilities and things I want to do. This month will be dedicated to fulfilling all these new devious, playful desires and YOU will assist!  Be prepared to task some risk the odds are not in your favor.
I want to play around with the scene described below in as many ways as possible…I’ll gladly entertain your own additions as well.  Ready to play?

Vegas in New York…..Beaten, Cleaned Out and Fucked

In Vegas even knowing the odds you usually end up beaten, cleaned out and leave feeling very fucked.  When Vegas comes to New York that feeling will be a guarantee.
“Now before we get started slave, it is my birthday so as a pregame warm-up you’ll have to take 41spanks in honor of it.”
I hand slave a die that has 20 sides, “roll it” I demand….. I explain to slave the first roll will be the set “point,” kind of like craps.  The point would, in this instance, be the number of spanks slave will receive, somewhere between 1 and 20.   “Roll it again slave”, this second roll would determine the number of implements used to make the point.  If slave rolls a 10 for the point and then rolls a 12, he would receive 10 spanks with each of the 12 implements.  The implements are of course “Dealer’s Choice.” “Understand slave the total number of spanks in this game could be anywhere from 1 to 400.  Shall I blow on the dice for good luck?”………
I hand slave two decks of cards.  “Shuffle each deck well and give them back!”  Once in my hand I shuffle them a few more times and place them on the table. “Slave turn over one card from each deck.”  Once the cards lay face up I explain I will calculate the numerical difference between the cards and  administer that number of spanks.  So if slave turns over a 10 and a 7,  he will receive 3 spanks.  Understand the face cards count as 11-13, and aces as 14.  If the cards happen to have the same value (e.g., two 7s) I will double the value of the card and give slave 14 spanks.  At best slave will receive 52 spanks and at worst 832.  Of course the implements are again “Dealer’s Choice.” This will only stop when we are out of cards or I grow bored of the game (doubtful 🙂
“FEELING BEATEN YET SLAVE???? Well you haven’t reeeeally been cleaned out, not yet at least!”

I add a six sided die and four colored “Wheel of Fortune” wheels to the two decks of cards and 20 sided die.  “Slave roll the 6 sided die.”  I explain as the die lands that this will determine which enema bag I use…..the 1 qt, 2 qt, 3 qt, 4qt, etc. “Now roll the 20-sided die.” This will determine how long slave has to retain the enema.  If slave rolls a three then a fifteen he will be given a 3qt enema that must be retained  for 15 minutes.  “Now slave, spin each of these two wheels.”   I place two colored wheels in from of slave.  Each is divided into four colors with words written.  Wheel One has Soap, Glycerine, Tepid, and Cold in the colored sections.  Wheel Two has Bardex, Large Retention, Dildo, Regular written on it. If slave spins Soap and Bardex his 3qt enema will have soap and I will use the Bardex nozzle to administer it.
“We are not done yet slave”…. as I administer the enema I get the two other wheels and two decks of cards. I explain to slave that at the start of every minute of his retention he has to draw a card from the first deck to see if he has “won” nipple torture or CBT.  The nipple and CBT wheels have five colored sections. The NT wheel showcases Fingers, Ice, Wartenberg wheel, Clamps, Suckers and the CBT wheel showcases Electrics, Weights, Wartenberg wheel, Sounds, Flogger. Then slave draws from the second deck of cards to determine the intensity of the NT or CBT, black cards for moderate and red cards for INTENSE. Slave must endure the combination for sixty seconds then he chooses again and again and again until he is allowed the retention time has elapsed and he may release the enema
“I know you are feeling BEATEN and CLEANED OUT but Vegas has yet to really fuck you!”

When slave returns from the bathroom there are two decks of cards, the 20 sided die, the 6 sided die and a vast array of dildos ranging in size, shape and variety (electric, vibrating etc.). “Roll the 6 sided die slave!”  I explain this will determine how many rounds of this game will be played, anywhere between one and six.  “Now draw” I point to the first deck of cards. “This will indicate which one of the 14 dildos you are going to get fucked with.”   The dildos are lined up in a row, one will be the furthest left and ace will be the furthest right. “Now roll the 20 sided die to determine how long you will get fucked.”   Roll a 1 and slave gets a short 1 minute fucking, roll a twenty…and yes 20 minutes of consistent fucking.  “Lastly slave, draw from the second deck.” I let slave know this will determine the intensity he gets fucked, HARD (red card) or soft (black card).  “Best case you get fucked soft for one minute with something moderate one time, worst case you  gets with something substantial for twenty minutes 6 times… 84 minutes of fucking :-)”…..good luck!