Heavy Medical

Medical play has always been and continues to be a favorite kink of mine. I was very lucky to have two scenes in the same week where I  dove  deep into medical play and restrictive bondage. In both scenes the “patient”  heavily bound to my table with straps and head mobilization had to comply with the doctors prescription.
In preparation both patients were shaved and given enemas. Following the prep I administered a multitude of exploratory procedures , the exact protocol varied slightly but had the same over arching theme.
Dr. Natalie’s r/x:
Urethral sounding
Genital electrics including electric catheter
Foley catheter
Whartenburg Wheel
Nipple and genital play piercing
Anal electrics
Rectal dilation
Scrotal inflation
Venus 2000 milking
My patients fared very well but Ii need to see them back in the office for a follow up. 🙂