Giving Birth to Scarlett

It was November 2015 when Scarlett (then known as Candi) introduced herself to me. In the 8 months since we first met a beautiful transformation has taken place and slut, slave Scarlett has been born.  Luckily Scarlet already had a wonder Mistress who his heart belongs to, Mistress Jen, his Goddess and Queen.  My ability to offer expertise helping guide Mistress Jen’s naturally dominating Alpha nature over Scarlett and training Scarlett to better serve Mistress Jen makes for a perfect menage a trois.
Scarlett has been kept on a rigorous training schedule and forced to totally surrender to all his Mistresses desires.  It has not been easy and Scarlett has made some mistakes but the eagerness and willingness to learn and grow gets stronger and stronger just like our bond.
In becoming Scarlett there have been countless tasks (and a few rewards:-)
…..immobilization, sounds, electrics, catheters, piercing both temporary and permanent. Scarlet MUST be in HIGH HEELS, CHASTITY and BOUND as much as possible.  His nipples are to be given an extreme amount of training as they are extra sensitive. Scarlett has to be dressed often with very full breast forms, wig, make-up, pedicured toes and long nail extension.  Scarlett has attended make-up application tutorials and gone shopping for countless accessories. He has been made to take Mistresses strap-on and suck real cock like a good girl. In preparation for real breast implants and a tattoo marking him permanently as owned he has undergone saline breast infusion and temporary tattooing. Scarlett as taken his Mistresses out to dinner completely feminized and now can easily walk the busy NYS streets in 6″ stilettos.
Scarlett, born by the hands of two Alpha’s, molding and creating our perfect girl, slave, sissy and toy.