Houston We have touchdown

The only thing more exciting than space exploration is what happens when you get one sexy, smart switch; one artsy, beautiful, masochist and one dominant deviant alpha together at the same time……its more than your wildest dreams can imagine.  Luckily for me this IS what happened.
The Texas Duo are now fully aware of the powers that be in and out of my studio and across state lines. 🙂 I have easily shown my new sexy play things the pleasure of belonging to me and they have pledged their undying  dedication to my pleasure. As everyone knows my ridiculously high standards you can only imagine how hard there sexy switches had to work for such fast approval. They were so impressive I will demand my new acquisitions serve me again….and soon!  For a very LUCKY FEW there may be future opportunities to bear witness to the kinky magic that happens. You can all start dreaming about it now.
One of the highlights from our time togged was was my force-feeding bondage dinner party, you’ll never look at food the same way again.