Double Medical with Switch Traci

Traci arrived to my studio, patient already helpless, gagged, and blindfolded.  Seeing his predicament increased her already eager drive to assist.  I had previously administered several enemas, a shaving and a catheter in preperation for the more aggressive treatments to come.
Traci is instructed to manipulate and bite his sensative nipples relentlessly while I apply both internal and external electric devices.  With the patient strapped in place the tag team is causing an overwhelming feeling of helplessness and sensory overload. I know the patient needs to be pushed hard to reset his brain and bring him the euphoria of surrender.
To push his surrender even further I insert a 2″ 18g needle catheter into his scrotum and hook it up to a 500cc bag of saline and begin the infusion  Traci continues with her teeth and I monitor the infusion while keeping the electrics going.
The saline drip has completly infused into his scrotum, leaving an inescapable visual and physical reminder of who owns his balls 🙂  I release the now totally transformed patient and to be rebound against the wall.
As a reward for enduring the rigors of my protocol he is is allowed to witness my dominating ways over my sexy assistant.
Being Traci’s first day in NY she too needs to be prepped and to show me her willingness to surrender.   I place her on the medical table and shave her entire pubic area.  Now she knows who she belongs too. I have stripped everything away and left her bare, exposed, volnerable and very much controlled.
Perfect way to start what I know is going to be a fabulous week.
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