Classical Mythology.

  1. any of a number of sister goddesses, originally given as Aoede (song), Melete (meditation), and Mneme (memory), but latterly and more commonly as the nine daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne who presided over various arts: Calliope (epic poetry), Clio (history), Erato (lyric poetry), Euterpe (music), Melpomene (tragedy), Polyhymnia (religious music), Terpsichore (dance), Thalia (comedy), and Urania (astronomy); identified by the Romans with the Camenae.
  2. any goddess presiding over a particular art.

(sometimes lowercase) the goddess or the power regarded as inspiring a poet, artist, thinker, or the like.

(lowercase) the genius or powers characteristic of a poet.

My travels have brought me to Virginia to visit one of my dearest slut slaves.  On the drive from the airport we talked about a myriad of things…..Virginia’s history, NYC restaurants, heath and diet, and some of our most memorable sessions e’ve had.  This topic led us to question just how long he has been my slut.  Through some fun reminiscing we surmised it was about 18 years ….. Wow! That is longer than most marriages, friendships and even some careers.  Our special BDSM relationship has slowly developed over those years and is a testimony to how powerful the Dom/sub dynamic can be.
Slut does not know this but in the recent past he gave me one of the most lovely compliments I have ever gotten.  While at dinner after an intense extended scene he said I was “his muse.” I was deeply flattered.  I’m not sure why it struck such a cord, but I hope to always remain this to him. I assume his literary endeavors give him a keen sense on just what to say to make a point!!
Slut was well prepared for my arrival.  I walked in to the play room and instantly saw the shining tower of steel and glass, it was captivating.  I couldn’t wait to do the dirtiest,  kinkiest, most perverted things to his body. Taking a closer look all new items were ordered, as instructed, and other toys in our collection were out on display. To the side of the toys was the I.V. stand with a 4qt clear silicone enema bag hanging.  Just beyond that was a large basin with shaving cream and a fresh razor.  I opened up my suitcase and pulled out several toys to add to the impressive collection. First the heavy steel enema nozzle, steel enema syringe and inflatable bardex nozzle. Then my electro unit with several insertables of various sizes and shapes. Next several strap-on harnesses and dildos. Lastly a body bag and restraints. All of this could easily keep me entertained for a week and I was going to have to figure out how to get my fill in only a few days. Good thing I had Mistress Anya as reinforcement arriving the next day. The two of us will make short work of devastating my slut slave.
I went to my guest bedroom, finished emptying my suitcase and freshened up.  Feeling peckish I walked upstairs for a snack to find the patio set up with chilled wine, pickled shrimp and olives. The view was stunning, a beautiful garden surrounded by forest with the sun brightly poking though the trees.  Butterflies and a hummingbird were dancing along the flowerbeds. We sat, drank wine, snacked and talked, of course I peppered the conversation with teasing and taunting comments, hinting at my desires to use him, make him my slut- the kinkier the better! We stay deep in conversation until the sun sets beautifully before us.
Now dark, I move into the well appointed kitchen to play chef. I love to cook and rarely have such a large space to play in. I take over knowing full well he is usually master of this domain, often entertaining for large parties, experimenting with recipes and new cooking technique…..Well, not while I am here! I delegate and he gladly assists knowing I always get what I want 🙂 I am very aware that I am the only one he would let invade and take over “his” kitchen.  This pleases me to no end!
After  prepping for dinner my “other” appetite starts to rage and I drag slut into the playroom and bend him over his couch with legs spread wide and chest down I lather and shave his entire ass and balls. I want a very clear view of all the things I’m going to insert into him.  I also want slave to have a good reminder every time he looks down, even long after I’m gone, as to who he belongs to.
Now nice and smooth, like a good slut, I administer a large volume enema with my inflatable nozzle, pumping it full so I can empty the entire bag deep inside of him.  Only after every drop is gone do I allow slut up to release the enema. Once he returns I have chosen the more diminutive toys from the display to slowly open my slut up for the challenges that lay ahead.  I direct him to his back making him spread himself completely, holding his knees apart and against his chest. Looking at my shave job and displayed toys next to him I am eager to use what’s mine.
Taking the first small bead like steel toy I feel it’s weight in my hand, smooth and cold.  There is something so erotic about the sensation of inserting the beads, the way they slide in, gravity helping me go deeper. I feel the popping as I push each bead in one after the other then slowly out noticing the steel warm after its been inside him. I continue moving in and out watching, feeling and using my slutty slave until I have worked my way through all the smaller toys.  Nicely primed I take a break to put slut to work finishing dinner.
Steak goes on the grill, brussels sprouts in the oven.  We sit enjoying a medium bodied red wine that pairs nicely with dinner. Slave wears nothing but a chefs coat and I’m still just in my lingerie hinting at the fact there is more to come 🙂
Back into the playroom  I grab go straight for the more substantial steel.   No longer just weighty this toy is HEAVY, dense and I know it could do damage. I feel like I am holding a weapon. I like that A LOT!!!!! The thrill – pushing, manipulating, opening, stretching, making him suffer the sweet agony of being my slut. The kinkier more depraved the more I like it….  the deeper the better, the bigger the better…The night goes on and on and on and so does my enjoyment.
Day two Mistress Anya arrives to assist in using my slut. She, like me, is treated to a beautiful patio view, wine and snacks. Once we have enjoyed a lovely Sancerre,  I bring her in to show off the new steel toys. The latest addition, which I had been eyeing since my arrival, grabs her attention immediately. She picks it up and starts to fondle it. The other larger sized toys feel and look like serious weapons BUT this new one is like some mythical Viking tool of destruction. We both look at each other reading one another’s debaucherous thoughts .
Desperate to get started we call slut into the room and begin……Mistress Anya and I bend slut over the own couch once again forcing the exposed position. Slave had admitted to me previously that he had fucked more than a few girls over the couch in this same position.  I love using this fact to my advantage.  Having those memories makes this position even more vulnerable for slut slave. Who’s getting fucked now???  Who’s the slut now, salve??
Mistress Anya brings the steel enema syringe over with a huge basin of water. She begins repeated insertions depressing the syringe slowly but forcefully make an impact with each and every squirt. She continues..fill , insert, empty, withdraw over and over until the basin is empty. Slut just got a good LONG enema fucking bent over the couch. 🙂 🙂
Upon his return from the bathroom I direct him over my lap.  We are NOT DONE.  I administer another round of repeated insertions and fillings feeling him squirm on my lap as the basin is emptied a second time.  Looking up at Anya’s face is priceless, such joy.
Slave is moved to the bed where we have more room. It’s time for the mesmerizing, hypnotic dance of my electric plugs. Misters Anya and I set a secret goal for the intensity we want to get slut to reach, no matter how long it takes, no matter how uncomfortable he becomes we will keep going until me get that we want.
Starting with the smaller (but not small) plug we to turn up the intensity, seeing the red LED numbers jump from 1 to 10 to 18 until we hear a huge inhale from slave and see the plug begin to dance deep inside.  Once here hold for a moment allowing slut to acclimate then we increase by increments of 2-3 knowing it gets exponentially more challenging Up, up, up the numbers go until slut slave’s entire body is convulsing, deep breaths being encouraged and we keep increasing with brief pauses to make sure slut feeling the slow, protracted increase in intensity.  Then suddenly the force of the convulsions spontaneously eject the plug right out of him….Guess its time for the bigger plug. Now at number 45 we do not decrease the intensity but rather just fill him will the larger plug to ensure it will stay in.
Large plug securely in place we continue our game, taunting him with the secret goal we have set. We have slowed down the increments increasing only one at a time and letting sluts body  adjust to the new intensity.  Our game goes on and on.  Mistress Anya and I laughing, loving our kinky game.  Finally we approach our goal…60! With a mix of teasing and encouragement we get slut to take it all for use.  We are very proud of all his efforts and happy mistresses.
Fun and games are over it’s time put slut to the real test.   Mistress Anya picks up the piece we have been dying to use and unscrews the 5″ base plate to make it more manageable to hold.  She hands me the sculpted geometric steel rod and I instruct slut to hold his knees to his chest.  The first challenge will be the 2″ bullet shaped head.  Tapered at the tip allows an easy entry but it gets big fast.  Slut is taking it so well for us.  Mistress Anya and I are impressed. We let the head rest inside for a while allowing the weight to open slut up even more.
Testing slut further I push to the next flat disk shaped section against him.  It is just as wide as the bullet and not tapered at all… I wiggle the steel up and down pushing with steady force to get my slut to open up.  Finally, pop, its in. It looks so good half in and half out.
The last hurdle will be the third ball section, not only is the ball wide it will be at least 6″ of unforgiving steel buried deep inside slut. I apply gentle yet forceful movements in every direction making slut take it all…Success he has done sooooooooo well.  I now move out of the way and let Mistress Anya take over with the meticulous extraction. We take turns fucking my slut with this HOT steel sculpted rod.
We take our slutty, used, fucked, electrocuted, violated toy and put him in a tight body bag. We lounge on the bed using him like furniture discussing everything we just did. Poor slave can’t move at all. In the middle of this teasing  I hear the timer go off in the kitchen which means it’s almost time for dinner. Mistress Anya and I leave slut slut in the body bag and pour ourselves some wine in the kitchen.  I check on the sous vide salmon, zucchini noodles and pesto made from slaves garden. It’s ready so I return to the play room and unzip the body bag allowing him to cleanup for dinner.
The trip was full of excellent service, deviant kinky torments, intellectual conversation, excellent food, great company, and a bit of history.  We stopped at Monticello to do a tour of Jefferson’s home and grounds.   I can’t wait to plan another trip back to Virginia but in the meantime I will be requiring my slut slave to entertain me in the Big Apple or DC or where ever I want!!!
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