Excerpts of Owned Sluts mental musings…to good not to share

All my aspiring slaves should read below to see the proper state of mine:
“…..Owned Slut Property is increasingly aware of the necessary balancing act of being immersed and controlled by submission to Owner while also increasing the value of his service by anticipating Owner’s needs and requirements. Owned Slut Property acknowledges that he has much to learn to achieve such proper balance.
By years of introduction, Owned Property has learned and come to understand that the true individual that creates and inhabits MN is extraordinary in all ways; possessing qualities of beauty, will and clarity of mind that are unsurpassable; and that her dominance and superiority are innate attributes of her humanity recognizable at all times in all situations. Owned Slut Property assents and submits to the extreme privledge of this opportunity for service and further warrants that such an extraordinary personality deserves the evolution of service without limits in equal measure to her intelligence, creativity, imagination, and desires.
As your Slut Property bends his mind to Owner/Mistress, Slut is fully aware that his actions may cause permanent, irreversible changes to his brain chemistry; and yet Slut does so willingly, in the absence of coercision of any kind, without hesitation and regardless of consequence. While many or most (if not all) would be reluctant to bear any responsibility for such actions by their possessions, Owned Slut is of the belief that his Owner/Mistress welcomes such Submission of mind — as tangible, documented evidence of Owner’s escalating power and control — and that Owner may ‘Will’ in future such additional actions as necessary to elevate and satiate her lust and greed for more fully demonstrated evidence of service in and by Slut’s mind.
Slut’s continued exercise of bending his mind to the totality of his encumbrances to Owner’s Will shall continue unabated such that Ownership by Owner/Mistress is ever more frequently in Slut’s thoughts. As a result, Owned Slut may approach a state of ‘Constancy of Use’ whereby both Slut’s conscious and subconscious mind are never knowingly unaware of being truly and completed Owned. Under such reality, Owner/Mistress would have the satisfaction at any time of her choosing to realize with deepest awareness that her property was knowingly and truly Owned and in his proper place.
If Slut’s meditations and ruminations are of improper balance to Owner/Mistress, Slut knows that Owner/Mistress shall instruct Slut as to her preferences at a time, place and manner of her choosing…..”