Games of Chance, Natalie Wins again.

Being on hiatus does not mean my kinky mind is on break.  In fact I keep reminiscing about some of 2016’s exploits.  Luckily I now have some time to share the fun. 

Continuing from slave returned ASSuming he would have better luck this time.  I assured him the house always wins and he will leave even more Beaten, Cleaned Out and Fucked than last time. Looking at the photo you can see the house was READY TO PLAY ๐Ÿ™‚

A game of cards to start, 2 decks in play, slave had to draw a card from each deck, the difference between the two cards would determine the number of strokes he would get.  Jacks would be 11, Queens 12, Kings 13 and Aces 14.  If slave happened to draw the same number card from each deck he would receive twice the number pulled. Slave was in for  between 52 and 832 strokes NOT taking into consideration the jokers. When a joker is pulled the other card will be to the second power. Additionally slave had to keep count of the number of strokes all on his own, 54 draws to keep consecutive count of, or else we reshuffle and start over.  Slave was truly at the mercy of the cards and his Mistress. 
Slave started off on a winning streak pulling sets like Queen and 10, 5 and 2.  More than half way through his ass was hardly pink.  I guess the house has to loose sometimes.  With a twist of  fate the tables turned, he began pulling 3’s with aces and 4’s with other face cards. He was pulling two 10’s and two face cards simultaneously. The strokes  started to add up. He really bottomed out when the jokers were pulled. By the time the game were finished I had administered 602 strokes….it was a VERY long and intense game :-).  I told slave he should play 602 in the lottery that night, seemed like a lucky number to me. He did not show the same enthusiasm for testing his luck.  I wonder why? A bit BEATEN down perhaps? I’m starting to think slave might be a glutton for punishment, probably  why I like him so much.  Even with the houses BIG WIN he presented me with an amazing bottle of wine. I told slave, just in case his intentions were nefarious, there was no bribing the house….there are no fixed games here ๐Ÿ˜‰

Wine or no wine, beaten was not enough, I wanted him completely cleaned out!
For the next game the spinners, dice, and cards were put into play. The 6 sided die would determine the volume of enema slave would be given. Each number representing 1/2 a quart. If he rolled a 1 it’s 1/2 a quart if he rolled a 6 it’s 3 quarts. The 20 sided die would represent the number of minutes slave had to retain the enema. The first spinner would determine the type of water that’s in the enema bag, the second spinner would determine the nozzle attached to the enema bag.  Slave was somewhat lucky in part one of this game as he only had to retain the enema for 6 minutes but the bag was going to be a bulging 3 qts with a large beaded nozzle. Now the decks of cards came into play.  Slave would draw from one deck red for nipple torture, black for CBT, then slave had to draw from the other deck, red for INTENSE torture, black moderate torture. Lastly the spinners would choose NT or CBT implement of torture.  Everything left to the roll of the dice, draw of a card and where the spinner lands.
The 3 ball nozzle was attached to the 3qt. enemas bag then inserted and emptied into slave. I set the timer for 1 of slaves 6 minutes then made him draw a card from each deck.  Slave has drawn 2 black cards meaning he would endure moderate CBT for the first minute. Already holding the 3 qts the moments that pass before the timer starts are already very uncomfortable for slave. Now he must spin to see what implemt of torture will inflict his CBT….the flogger. After retrieving the flogger I finally started the timer and began to whip slave’s cock and balls constantly, trying to keep at a moderate intensity and not get too excited….. BUZZ….. That was ONE of his 6 minutes.  Enema and nozzle still held I put the flogger down, reset the timer and the process started again…..card, card, spin,…… CBT AGAIN this time INTENSE with the electrics. I retrieve an electric band and corona cap and attached them to slave and hooked the wires to the power box.  I turned it on and increased to a mild setting all before I pressed start on the timer. Now set I stared the timer and increased the power constantly watching the numbers soar and slave squirmed until the BUZZZZZ. Two minutes down 4 to go. Slave was in agony, 6 minutes never went so S-L-O-W.  Card, card, spin. Nipple torture, moderate intensity with clamps.  Slave still squirming from the multiple layers of torture, I pulled out a box of at least 15 sets of nipple clamps testing each one on my finger to determine which one I think might be “moderate”.  I made my decision and applied them to the tip of slaves nipples, his reaction let me know that moderate is a very subjective word.  I started the timer and occasionally tugged on the clamps waiting for the BUZZ.  I released the clamps letting  him know he is half way there, only 3 more minutes of holding those 3 quarts and being stuffed with the nozzle and what ever torture he draws ๐Ÿ™‚ 
Draw, draw, spin, draw, draw, spin, draw, draw, spin.  Finally slaves “six” minutes were up and I released him to the bathroom. I began to line up 6 dildos of various sizes, vibrating and electric. I removed everything except the 2 dice and one set of cards. 
Slave returned and he sees the games are not over. I made slave roll the 6 sided die to determine how many of the 6 dildos would  be used on him. Three! Then slave must roll the same die 3 times. Each time the number will correspond with one the 6 dildos lined up. He was to take the moderate sized vibrating dildo, the medium sized steel electric plug and the substantial red ribbed dildo.  Not to bad. Now he must roll the 20 sided die….. lucky boy only an 8, that means 8 minutes of fucking with each of the 3 toys. I lined the 3 in order and made him pick 3 cards black, red, black.  Looks like it will be 8 minutes of moderate intensity with the vibrating dildo, 8 minutes of intense electric fucking and 8 minutes of moderate fucking with the big boy! 24 minutes of nonstop pounding should make sure that the old adage about Vegas leaving you beaten, cleaned out, and FUCKED is about to come true. I decided slave needed to be heavily bound with ass spread and exposed for this.  No escape.
I inserted the vibrating dildo standing behind slave,  set the timer and begin to turn up the intensity of the vibration as I move it in an out building up to a nice pace. I have music in the background with a driving beat to make sure that I didn’t stop or loose the rhythm.  Like a metronome trying to hold true to the moderate pace holding back on going faster, harder and deeper.  The buzzer chimes and I can’t believe it had already been 8 minutes. I got so lost in the rhythmic nature of my actions. 
Next I applied copious amounts of conductive gel to the cold steel metal electric plug and inserted it into slaves already well used ass. I love that the red card was drawn. I set the timer and turn on the electrics and press start. As the counter on the timer goes up so do the number on the Eros Tek.  Every 10 seconds  I increase….by minute 6 poor slave was convulsing helplessly his entire body being jolted. The intensity was already very high for him but I do not stop increasing every 10  seconds. If not for the steel and leather straps there is no way slave would have stayed in place. BUZZ!!! Another  8 minutes down.
Many hours had passed at Natalie’s gaming facility and giving a hard fucking is hard work  so I decided to set up the fucking machine directly behind slaves spread ass. I secure the dildo to the rotating arm and set the timer.  Before I started the timer I make sure the machine is set in the right position allowing for deep insertion. I decided to take a short video you can see here After ensuring its accuracy I started the timer and amp up the control knob to half way.  The machine never gets tired so I knew slave would get the fucking he was due. Pace set I stood back and enjoyed my spoils, the visuals of it’s relentless and perfectly consistent strides penetrating deep inside slave. I could have watched that all day. What seemed like seconds for me but probably hours for him past and we heard the final BUZZ!!!

I am not a gambler but playing with slave has showed me the allure of games of chance.