Compromising Positions

Entering the beautiful studio of Mistress Tess with my property was a long anticipated moment, we were both excited.  I selfishly wanted to have fun with toys and equipment I don’t personally own and I get to see Mistress Tess which is always a pleasure. My property gets the reward of being in service of two alpha females. What could be more exciting?
We start right away by putting my property on Mistress Tesses bondage board. This was what I was most excited to do.  Steel pipes and lug nuts are placed next to the board and my property is in the middle.  Tess and I start to screws the nuts into the pipe capturing slaves limbs on the board.  Ankles and wrists trapped between the pipes.  Another pipe is then secured on top of each limb making escape impossible.  This is not for the causal bondage slave.  You must be willing to be uncomfortable…hard wood board, hard cold steel, there is nothing kind or warm about this. Now securely bolted in place  my property’s hands are padlocked in metal hand mitts. My property is gaged and metal ribbon is thread through the gag and also screwed to the board.  It was perfect total heavy immobilization. 
My property is left to surrender completely to this compromising position.  He must suffer through panic and helplessness as Tess and I watch, smile, laugh and chat.  We indulge in his predicament, torturing his nipples and enjoying our opportunity to spend time together. 
Slave is eventually released only to be placed into another heavily restricted position face down and belted tightly. His arms and feet covered in leather binders which are also secured in place. I wanted to break in the new alligator tail whip my property had bought me. Custom made with a pink metal handle, I loved making it crack against his ass. Visit to see video of the events.
Then my property is released from all bondage and I TRULY test him.  It is one thing to endure for your Mistress while helpless and bound, the forced predicament keeping you just where I want you but it is next level to stay still and suffer with only your will holding you in place.  This mental bondage, without the security of the physical bindings, is most intense of all.  My property must be totally aware and accountable for every movement, he cannot rest or rely on any crutch to keep him stable and in place.  He is told to stand legs spread arms against the wall, a most challenging position to hold when the paddles come into play.  Mistress Tess and I begin to discipline my property making sure there is minimal movement from him no matter what we do.  Watching his body have to absorb the force, having to dig deep to stay up and not waver.  
 As expected my property does exactly as I want.  He indeed proves his worth time and time again!
Visit for more photos and video of the “compromising positions.”