A Room With A View


 The introduction 

 My slave girl and practicing switch Traci arrived from Texas to my studio to make the acquaintance of my long time slut slave. The evening was planned well in advance the anticipation, already high, grows upon introduction of slave girl and slut slave. Some pleasant and engaging conversation is exchanged allowing my pets to get to know a little bit about each other before a more appropriate introduction. I commanded Traci to stand in front of slave and I begin inching her closer to him until they are only millimeters apart.  Both standing completely still hands at their sides feeling each other’s warmth and energy not knowing what would happen next. I circled around their bodies walking slow so they could feel my gaze. Senses heightened, hearts racing  I whispered in Traci’s ear to undress slave. She does as told savoring the task, sensually stripping him, exposing him, leaving him completely naked. 
 Slave stood perfectly still, excited, waiting, wanting. 
Traci and I take naked slave by the arms and secure him to the bondage bench and attach his legs to the suspension bar. Bound and spread eagle slave is left wide open while I get my clippers and Traci retrieves a large basin with warm water, shaving cream and a razor. I straddle the bench and nuzzle up to slave’s spread body, clippers in hand. The loud buzzing sound fills the studio as I remove all of his pubic hair exposing him even more. Ass, cock, balls everything on display. Traci watches in awe and delight. She sees his transformation and understands this undeniable surrender.  I take the basin, shaving cream and razor from her looking up with an extra evil grin that clued her in she will be next.  
Once slave is completely shaved I release him and direct Traci to the medical table.  I place her feet high in the stirrups exposing her toned legs and washboard abs. I command slave to get a fresh basin of water, shaving cream and razor. Slave stands at my side freshly shorn, holding the basin as I lather and shave Traci just as I did him.  With this shared experience a bond is formed between my slave girl and slave.  I leave them for a moment, both shaved and waiting, as I retrieve the hanging enema bag and pull it over to the bondage bench.

To see some video of the events go to https://onlyfans.com/dominanatalieny

I release Traci and command her to sit down on the bench. I direct slave to get over her lap. Enema nozzle in hand I point to Traci and motion for her to spread apart slave’s ass. With checks wide apart I slowly insert the nozzle. Traci can feel his hairless body  over her thigh and slave has the wonderful support of her lap. He is well trained and takes every drop with no complaint even when the 3 quarts being to cramp in his swollen belly pushing into Traci’s thigh.  After a “good boy” slave is allowed to release in the bathroom.
Slave knows that Traci has never received an enema as I had told him my plan to push her to experience one for the first time after assisting me administer to him. I wanted him to take it very well because he needed to be an example for her.  He succeeded and now gets the honor of assisting me and witnessing Traci take her first enema for her Mistress.
I turn to Tracy and ask “are you ready to take one for me?” She looks up at me doe eyed  and without hesitation says yes of course mistress. 
When slave returns from the bathroom the positions are switched. Traci is instructed to lay over his lap. I motion to slave to expose her ass just as he had done to him and I insert the nozzle gently. Slave can feel her squirming. I watch the 1 quart slowly empty from the clear bag listing to how it makes her moan. She does not say mercy, she stays in place and takes it all. When I tell her I have finished she thanks me for the opportunity to serve me, the experience of something new, and the joy of pleasing me. That’s my girl.
 When Traci returns from the bathroom I let her know that she has done an excellent job and the rest of the night she’s going to assist me in making sure slave is put to task.  He is my slut and I like to keep him VERY WELL TRAINED. Slave has been instructed to bring his arsenal of steel toys. They are some of my most favorite things to play with and they make slave feel so slutty. I grab my ErosTek , conductive gel, and two substantial electric anal plugs and rope. I instruct Traci and slave to get dressed. Tonight is a full moon and slave was made to get a beautiful hotel suite with the perfect view of the Empire State Building.  I love the idea of looking out the window at the magnificence of a full moon next to the iconic Empire State building with my helpless slave secured to the bed spread and being used and watched by my slave girl. 

The Room

Once relocated Traci is instructed to secure slave to the bed as I open the curtains to expose the cityscape.  There, in all of its glory, the brightly colored Empire State building amongst the cloudy skies. Looking out I hope the clouds will part to reveal the gorgeous full moon that I had anticipated. 
Looking around at the pristine white room and picturesque view I am even more excited to defile my slave. Everything so neat and proper knowing I’m totally going to destroy its virginal appearance and slaves not so virginal ass. I line up the arsenal of steel toys. Traci’s expression is priceless.  I think she is almost more excited than slave. This is perfect, so many things to enjoy, slut’s service, wielding my toys, Traci’s reaction, the palpable energy, the gorgeous view, overstimulation at it’s best.
 The defamation begins. Starting small but quickly advancing to the large heavy steal weapon-like toys. The progression continues to build as the toys get bigger, challenges harder and reactions more intense. All of these things coming together  perfectly, Traci’s gasps, slave’s moans, my rhythmic insertions,  a perfect state of flow. Time ceases.
I don’t know how much time had passed before the view caught my eye again. I gaze out the window realizing the clouds were not going to part.  I instruct Traci to strip and stand in front of the window with the empire state behind her, directing her to the perfect spot to make a beautiful visual. I get out my electric box and insert the largest plug into slave. The full moon may be elusive but I have an even more perfect view.   Time for slaves final challenge. My eyes going back-and-forth between Traci at the window and the pulsing electro fucking of slave it couldn’t be a more exquisite evening.  I increase the numbers continuously hearing the gasps and heavy breathing of slave. His efforts and diligent work are most pleasing.  I instruct slave to open his eyes and look at Traci.  He was doing so well in his slut service he deserved a reward.  I continue to increase the intensity as slave stares at the view, he will take as much as I want knowing how lucky he is in this moment.  I keep going and going until I can’t go any more.