Excerpts from Candi Day 1

Below is part of one of my longer accounts of my goings on. I hope to compile my writings for a book one day, this is just a tease
………….The transformation
Mistress Anya and I start with hair and makeup. Anya applies foundation and builds upon that. I start with her hair. After about an hour Candi has two long braids topped with pink bows and artistically done makeup. We then move onto her nails and toes, again splitting the tasks. Mistress Anya gives her sleek black toenails and I give her hot pink fingernails to match her corset. Candi loves all the attention, she feels so spoiled and connected to her Mistress.
We take Candi and secure her to the bed spread eagle, leaving her fingers and toes to dry. With Candi helplessly bound, I go to my bedroom and change putting on my soft pack cock in my strap on boy shorts and Mistress Anya puts on her leather strap on harness and cock under her black slip dress. You can see video of my look at (insert link)
Once her nails are dry we release Candi from the bondage and get her completely dressed. First pink panties and bra, then gorgeous brocade corset sinched VERY tight at the waist, giving her an hourglass shape, the ruffle skirt slipped over her black toes and around her tiny waist accentuating her hips, stockings and heels-now Candi is ready!
We send Candi into the kitchen to open a bottle of wine. Hearing the clicking of her heels as she walks across the tile floor is so pleasurable. Watching the ruffle skirt sway from side to side as she does her best to embody the feminine hip sway. She returns with two glasses held in her hands accented with her long pink nails. Mistress Anya turns on the music and we command Candi to start to dance for us as we sit with our legs spread, cocks exposed, wine in hand.
Candi, a bit shy and first, needs our direct commands to instruct and encourage her.
“I want to see those ruffles swinging move those hips side to side.”
“Entertain us. That’s your job. Please us. Touch yourself. You know we want you to be our slut”
” Bend over, stick out your ass, spank it. I want to see those pink nails spanking that ass as you grind it and moan for me.”
“Climb on top of the chair and pretend those pillows are a man and you’re giving him a lap dance. Rub your tits in his face, grind your pussy all over him, toss your hair around. ”
Candi is relaxing into it, she is letting go and just being in the moment. She is surrendering to her mistress.
“Now Come her and give me the a lap dance.”
Candi saunters over and turns around shaking her ruffled skirt over my lap grazing my packer cock. She bounces up and down before lowering herself all the way down and lightly grinding back and forth. I reach around grabbing and twisting her nipples through her bra. Mistress Anya calls out with encouragement to keep going. She begins to stroke her erect strap-on as she watches Candi dance.
I push Candi forward onto her knees and give her a smack on the ass and tell her to dance for Anya. She crawls towards her flipping her braids and begging.
“Please let me suck you cock. Please let me please you.”
“You are already pleasing me but I lone to make you suffer. You don’t get to suck anything….yet! You have to work harder.”
Candi stands up and starts to dance for Mistress Anya. I walk over and stand in front of her and as she is shaking and grinding over Mistresses strap-on. I stick my cock in her face. This is one of the many times Candi will be our slutty sandwich. I stand just far enough away that she can’t reach my cock. The begging ensues. I just laugh at her predicament.
I leave Candi and Anya to replace my soft pack cock for a nice hard veiny realistic dildo. I return grabbing and tugging on it. I show Candi my stroking and she continues pleading to suck.
“Not yet…You have to work harder. I want you even more desperate and out of your mind with desire for me my big hard cock”
“I am Mistress….P-L-E-A-S-E!!!!!”
Mistress Anya thrusts her hips up sending her cock right into Candi and propelling her forward. The surprising force of the thrust made her loose her balance in her heels. We both giggle as she composes herself and apologizes for her unlady-like fumble.
Now standing and composed in her heels again we start poking Candi with our hard cocks, circling her, driving her crazy. She wants to devour us, she wants to swallow us deep and suck hard. She gets no relief, we just laugh at her, taunting mercilessly.
“So Candi, you want to please me?”
“OK, OK, you have been good so far. Take those long pink nails and put them on my cock and begin to stroke me.”
“Ohhhh Thank you Mistress, thank you for letting me please you.”
She wraps her hand around my long hard cock and begins to work it up and down the shaft from base to head giving me a nice extra squeeze at the tip before she pushes down the shaft again.
“You have two hands, grab my balls slut.”
She does as told with eagerness. Mistress Anya stands behind her and starts to run her cock under Candi’s ruffle skirt.
“Grind your pussy into my cock as you stroke Mistress Natalie.”
“Yes Mistress. Thank you for directing me to please you. I’ll do anything for my Mistresses.”
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