I  had my Owned Slut install 2 wifi cameras in his home that I have access to 24/7 just by opening the app on my phone.  I can simple spy anytime I want.  I can ensure all requests to be on display in slutty attire are executed.  I can make sure all rules of engagement are followed.  These is no privacy.  He is always on display. In a recent phone call to o.s. I asked:
“How does being subject to Owner’s surveillance make the Slut feel?”
Slut feels very, very highly and pronouncedly Owned. Slut experiences feelings and sensations ranging from deep submission to nervousness or anxiety. Slut also frequently feels extremely slutty as Slut is aware that what Slut is doing is something that only a true slut would even consider, let alone chose to act out, let alone in this case live with constantly without control.
I love my position