One Size NEVER Fits All

Sometime I fear my slaves or potential slaves worry they are not good enough, can’t take enough, aren’t as “extreme” as others. I want everyone to know, for me, it’s NEVER less exciting if you are not able to replicate the “amount” taken by another slave. For me the ONLY important thing is that you do YOUR personal best  each and every time.  I know on social medial everyone likes to post the most extreme, the biggest toys, the bloodiest asses, the most intense bondage (I am guilty of this as well) BUT my pleasure is not derived from this.  My pleasure comes strictly from getting you to that place of surrender where ever that may fall on the “extreme scale”

There is something for everyone and it’s the duty of a good Domme to fine that line for each individual. There is nothing cookie cutter about what I do- one size does not fit all!.