NYC Dominatrix Mistress Natalie About Image with Whip


A stroke of pure serendipity led me to kink which changed the trajectory of my life. In retrospect, I feel some greater force knew that I was supposed to be there. The years I have spent in the scene refining my craft, nurturing amazing relationships, and cultivating a sophisticated palate have all been essential to my evolution into the dominant connoisseur I am today. While I have matured, I have by no means stagnated. My path continues to grow and surprise me in the best possible ways.

Today I am more passionate about my career than ever. I have developed some amazing D/s relationships that have lasted decades and are still going strong. As important as keeping these relationships is the quest for new subs, novices, or experienced players alike.


My History: I started my journey in 1993 at Village Fantasies, where elaborate role-play exposed me to the fetish world. The whimsical escapism and kink beckoned to me. I loved NYC’s dark, gritty underbelly, the sexy fetish aesthetic, the rush of taking my subs through power exchange scenes and pushing boundaries. The exhilaration fed my passion. My passion fed my career.

I was only 18 when I wore a strap-on for the first time. While I didn’t have a harness then, I learned a technique that involved stuffing the dildo into my jeans, using the button and zipper to hold it in place. Later, I fashioned a harness out of rope until I discovered a fetish store and purchased my first proper harness. Role reversal, power exchange, and ‘forcing’ non-binary sexuality still make feminization and sissy/slut training some of my core passions.

After my time at Village Fantasies, I progressed to Eastside Dungeon, outfitted with ropes, corporal tools, bondage equipment, and a realistic medical clinic. This clinic fascinated me, especially since I wanted to be a doctor. BDSM allowed me to explore my medical interests and desires in the most fun way. Later, in 2002, under the tutelage of my then-mentor, we started the medical-specific website “Nurse with Toys.”


Today, my play space has an extensively equipped medical area outfitted with the Style Fetish SuperBoomer medical chair and an arsenal of medical gear. The doctor is always in!

I took a leap and opened my own dungeon 18 years ago. It was the scariest thing I have ever done and a massive undertaking. However, reflecting on every ounce of blood, sweat, and tears that went into it, it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

At the same time, I started to get serious about health and fitness. I struggled with weight as a child and experienced trauma because of it. While trying to figure out a healthy relationship between food and fitness, I spent a tremendous amount of time researching and began working with personal trainers. It turned into a deep dive of many modalities including functional medicine and biohacking. My exploration prompted me to go back to school to become a certified life coach and then to earn a NASM personal training certification. After that, I traveled to India for my Yoga Alliance training certification, eventually leading to many podcast appearances, and even being a main stage panelist at a health conference.

As my fitness and BDSM career developed, I started seeing an enormous amount of similarities between the two. This discovery prompted me to design a health focused form of BDSM I trademarked as KinkyCoaching™.

The evolution of my career and relationships provided an avenue to explore more lifestyle domination, incorporating social time and adventures involving everything from shopping to cooking classes, Michelin dinners, hiking, travel, theater, and so much more.

I strive to live out the Holy Trinity of HOT KINK, HAUTE CUISINE, AND HIGH CULTURE while maintaining HOLISTIC HEALTH.