BDSM in NYC: Luxury Domination

Mistress Natalie’s Midtown Manhattan BDSM Studio/Dungeon

My private studio is conveniently located within walking distance from Penn Station, Grand Central and Port  Authority. With 12 foot tall ceilings, luxurious wall-to-wall carpet, and incredible soundproofing, you’ll feel transported out of space and time. An enormous antique mirror allows me to indulge my voyeuristic desires, and an industrial winch allows a frame to descend from the ceiling so I can suspend your body helpless in mid air. My scrupulously maintained en-suite bathroom allows you to make sure you can leave in the same condition you arrived, no matter how intensely we play.

Unique BDSM Furniture

Imported from Germany and made by legendary creators StyleFetish, my standout pieces of BDSM furniture include The Hellcat, a “head down, ass up” bench, which will make you feel completely exposed as you are punished, teased or invaded; the Warrior Chair, a heavy-restraint seat that locks down every part of your body, to the smallest finger; and the Super Boomer examination chair that I love to attach to the fucking machine!

I also keep a leather bondage bench, an enormous padded St. Andrew’s Cross, and a stripper pole where my sissies can strut their stuff for my enjoyment.

The Biggest Collection of BDSM Gear in New York City

The studio is packed with a variety of paddles, floggers, crops and canes for corporal punishment or sensation play. To muffle your moans of delight (or screams of pain) I have over 20 gags of different shapes, styles and materials. Over 11 strict leather hoods from Mr. S Leather and Fetters line my display, along with 10 latex hoods from Polymorph, UK Rubber and Studio Gum. To take you deeper I have two confining leather straight jackets, one leather body bag and the extra-intimidating Studio Gum inflatable sleep sack.

For full body suspension I have Enfettered’s Bondage Discipline Suit that will allow me to suspend you, floating in the air like Superman. If you want to feel more like a bird in a cage, dangling from my ceiling for my amusement, I have Fetters’ Suspension Strap cage. If full confinement is too intense but you still need to be restrained, I have many pairs of padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs, belts, arm and leg binders, and thigh to wrist restraints.

For my pegging sluts, I have both a sling and a swing allowing for full exposure and easy access to your vulnerable holes. Let’s not forget the tease and denial superstar – my Venus 2000 milking machine, and what I like to call “The Finisher”: The Slubb vibrator. A multitude of various sized anal plugs, c/b bands, urethral probes, a Wartenberg wheel, cock board, ball board and more round out my instruments of tortuous fun. I can’t even begin to list the many pieces of CBT gear, nipple toys, collars, blindfold and leashes: Is there a slave out there that wants to help me inventory my collection?

Feminization and Sissification

Time to get all pretty for me! Whether you enjoy the sensation of satin, love the power exchange of being put in panties, the sensuality of heels, the taste of lipstick or the brush of long hair against your shoulders, I can make you into my “living doll”. My crossdressing wardrobe consists of a huge array of panties, bras, garter belts, stockings, corsets and dresses in sizes small to 4XL. I have shoes and boots to fit up to a men’s size 14, over 15 feminine wigs of every color and length, and plenty of makeup to complete the look. I also have breast forms and a latex vagina panty with a sexy landing strip.

For those who want to be the epitome of a pink sissy princess I have lots of pink sissy dresses, shoes, wigs and petticoats; layers and layers of sissy pink prettiness to feel your most coquettish. If you want to be my little girl, pink diapers are also in my collection.

I love my latex but it’s too delicate to share. Take me on a shopping date and we’ll choose pieces for you together!

Estim (Electric Stimulation)

If you crave an electrifying experience I can deliver–in my collection are the Erostek ET-312, ET-302R, Estim 2B, P.E.S., the Folsom PSG-MAX and just as many attachments.


Looking to fall deeper into subspace? My hypnotic voice combines with the MindPlace Kasina glasses, and as you collapse into yourself I’ll tap into your subconscious mind. What triggers will I implant?

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