Medical Mistress Natalie: Expert Medical Femdom

My History With Medical BDSM

Medical BDSM is one of my niche skills, rooted in my childhood fascination with anatomy and medicine. I loved flipping through the pages of my mother’s nursing textbooks, staring at diseased body parts and malformations. She worked as a phlebotomist and I eagerly anticipated the times where she would bring me to work for a visit. I got to see all the intimidating equipment, the eerie specimen jars, and hear stories of what gruesome things were going on in the ER. Outside those visits, I was always trying to find a friend to play the “patient” to my “doctor”.

Early on in my BDSM career I started exploring the different facets of this unusual fetish. I scouted out subs willing to be my guinea pig for these sexual-medical experiments, and I jumped at the chance to learn from more experienced players. My interest in Medical Femdom only intensified over the years, and BDSM allowed me to transform my childhood curiosity into a longstanding career as the Medical Mistress.

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The Medical Domination “Clinic”

My fetish “clinic” occupies a corner of my BDSM studio. It is compact but extremely well-appointed. The stage is set with my antique stainless steel medical cabinet, where the rows of glass jars contain needles, syringes, tongue depressors, thermometers, swabs, sutures, scalpels and bandages. The rest of the shelves are lined with a vast array of speculums: a Mathieu rectal speculum, a Fansler rectal speculum, a Sakuras speculum, a Gettman speculum, and multiple sizes of Graves speculums.

The cabinet is also stocked with Van Buren and Hagar urethral sounds, other urethral toys, foley catheters, darin bags, IV sets, infusion fluids, cupping set, forceps, cautery, a Wartenberg wheel, razors, shaving cream, and a comprehensive assortment of Estim power boxes and attachments.

All of this to be used on a willing patient who will be seated, strapped or heavily restrained to my StyleFetish Super Boomer gyno chair.  It’s a fully automatic BDSM gyno chair with a variety of  accessories such as the Striker II fucking machine, adjustable leg holders, bondage straps, steel shackles, and a very intense head restraint for the patients who won’t cooperate.


The Medical Mistress Experience

As Medical Mistress I offer a plethora of “experiences” such as: school nurse, institution, psych ward, erectile dysfunction assessment and treatment,  physical exam, annual work physical, feminization spa, gender reassignment, behavior modification, mad scientist, clinical trial, hydrotherapy, constipation relief, sexual compulsion therapy, straight to gay conversion therapy, hypnosis, artificial insemination and birth, prostate health, mock “castration, “ whitehead and pimple extraction, and ingrown hair removal. It is important to note all of these scenarios are Medical Femdom role play, and not actual medical treatment.

BDSM Enema

Another other highly specialized medical femdom skill I possess is enema administration and treatment. I have acquired a tremendous collection of BDSM enema gear, unparalleled anywhere else in the U.S.

BDSM enema variety of types can be limitless. There is the “clean out” which is simply used to prepare for other anal play, anal exams or pegging. Then there are enemas as a primary focus – they can be sensual, challenging, punishment, therapeutic, humiliating, or a mixture of all these sensations. Enemas can vary in volume, temperature, solution, speed, retention time, and nozzle type.

My femdom enema gear includes: two, three, four and 6 quart bags; colon tubes ranging from .5-3 inch in diameter and 12-36 inch in length; several variations of inflatable retention nozzles including the discontinued Rusch Double Bardex; Delton style hard plastic nozzles; an original Klystra enema tip set; a huge selection of nozzles including dildo and funnel nozzles; and large volume syringes. Some of my favorite BDSM enema solutions are soap, peppermint soap, glycerine, various teas, coffee, pomegranate juice, lemon juice, and milk and molasses. Femdom enemas by your Medical Mistress are an art, and I love to get creative with the solution!

My medical femdom expertise has grown over the years, allowing me the opportunity to teach a class on enemas as a part of a 7 Days of Domination (7DOD) virtual BDSM teaching. I’m a master of enemas, and love to watch subs experience the overwhelming sensation of enema play for the first (or the hundredth) time.


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