The Studio: Mistress Natalie’s NYC Luxury BDSM Dungeon

Are you ready to capture the raw essence of the human experience? 

Unleash your vision where creativity knows no bounds and boundaries are meant to be pushed. Step into my world-renowned BDSM studio where I specialize in capturing the most captivating and provocative scenes. 

This includes medical, bondage, feminization, sensory deprivation, pegging, corporal punishment, suspension, and indulging in most fetishes and role plays. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a novice, my studio offers a safe and supportive environment to bring your wildest visions to life.

Explore the depths of desire and surrender with my expertly crafted BDSM scenes. My studio offers a wide range of equipment to create the perfect atmosphere for your submission and surrender. 

I understand that exploring BDSM can be intense and emotionally charged. That’s why my private and luxurious studio prioritizes creating a warm and comforting space. My dungeon is a place where fantasies come to life and desires are fulfilled.


The studio is conveniently located equidistant from Penn Station, Grand Central, and Port Authority. 

The very private space is 300 sq ft with 12-foot ceilings. While small, it is one of the best-equipped BDSM dungeons in all of New York City. 

Wall-to-wall carpet for a luxurious feel as you kneel before me. An enormous antique 7-foot mirror to indulge your voyeuristic desires. Installed in the high ceilings are frames that hold your suspended body helpless in mid-air. There is also an en suite bathroom with a shower, making sure you can leave in the same condition you arrived.


Most of my BDSM gear is imported from Germany and made by Style Fetish. 

My 3 stand out pieces are: 

  • The Hellcat: head down ass up perfect for feeling very exposed as you are punished, teased or invaded.
  • The Warrior Chair: seated in heavy restraint including your every finger.
  • The Super Boomer: perfect for all sorts of BDSM play and attaching the fucking machine too.

Other delights include

  • leather bondage bench
  • St. Andrew’s cross 
  • stripper pole for my sissies to strut their stuff


The studio is packed with a variety of paddles, floggers, crops, and canes for corporal punishment or sensation play. To muffle your moans of delight or screams of pain, I have over 20 gags of different shapes, styles, and materials. 

Over 11 strict leather hoods from Mr. S Leather and Fetters line my display also contains 10 latex hoods from Polymorph, UK Rubber, and Studio Gum. 

To take you deeper I have 2 confining leather straight jackets, one leather body bag, and the extra intimidating Studio Gum inflatable sleep sack. For full-body suspension, I have an Enfettered Bondage Discipline Suit that will allow me to make you suspend like Superman. 

If you want to feel more like a bird in a cage dangling from my ceiling for my amusement, I have Fetters Suspension strap cage. If full confinement is too intense but you still like to be restrained, I have many pairs of padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs. If you need a little more than just cuffs, I have arm and leg binders, thigh-to-wrist restraints, belts, and more from Enfettered and Mr. S Leather. 

For my pegging sluts, I have both a sling and a swing allowing for full exposure and easy access. Let’s not forget the tease and denial superstar – my Venus 2000 milking machine and what I like to call “the finisher,” The Slubb. 

The amount of BDSM gear I have is impressive. I have not even broached the CBT gear, nipple toys, collars, blindfolds, and leashes. 

Is there a slave out there that wants to help me inventory my collection?

Feminization and Sissification

Time to get all pretty for me. Whether you enjoy the sensation of satin, nylon, or silk, love the power exchange of being put in panties, the sensuality of heels, the taste of lipstick, or the brush of long hair against your shoulders I can make you into my living doll. 

My crossdressing wardrobe consists of a huge array of panties, bras, garter belts, stockings, corsets, and dresses in sizes small to 4XL. I have shoes and boots to fit up to a men’s size 14, over 15 wigs of every color and length, and plenty of makeup to complete the look. I also have breast forms and a latex vagina panty with a nice landing strip.

For those who want to be the epitome of a pink sissy princess, I have lots of pink sissy dresses, shoes, wigs and petticoats. Layers and layers of sissy pink prettiness to feel your most girlish. If you want to be a little girl pink, diapers are also in my collection.


Estim (Electronic Stimulation)

If you crave an electrifying experience, I have Erostek ET-312, ET-302R, Estim 2B, P.E.S., and Folsom PSG-MAX and just as many attachments. A multitude of various-sized anal plugs, c/b bands, urethral probes, wartenberg wheel, cock board, ball board, and more.


Looking for deep subspace? My hypnotic voice combined with MindPlace Kasina glasses will tap into your subconscious mind. 

What triggers will I implant?

My Femdom Wardrobe

  • My favorite femdom fashion piece is a catsuit. I have a multitude of colors and fabrics. The way they are so covering yet so revealing. They make me feel sexy, powerful, and confident.
  • I also love latex’s look and feel (but maybe not the preparation). My latex wardrobe is vast: custom catsuits from Savage Wear, ball gowns from Polymorph, skirts, stockings, dresses, bodysuits, chaps, medical uniforms, gloves, and gauntlets. If I deem you worthy of seeing me in it, expect to shine it. I do not wear latex hoods.
  • My lingerie collection, while extensive, is almost exclusively black and stocked by Bordelle, Agent Provocateur, and alike.
  • Opaque thigh highs and other hosiery from Wolford and Falke are all equally worshipable.
  • The iconic corset is femdom fashion over function. Despite this my collection of leather, rubber, and satin corsets is immense. Do expect me to sit like the Queen I am and be desired if I decide to wear one.
  • Other than my leather corsets I have skirts, tops, vests, and gloves. Who just melts from the smell of leather like I do.
  • Yoga pants, yes it’s a big fetish and this is very femdom function friendly.
  • Just like I have an extensive sissy collection of wigs I have just as many for myself if I’m feeling like Marilyn Monroe or Betty Page.
  • To accessorize my BDSM wardrobe is my glorious shoe and boot collection. Mules, pumps, scrappy shoes, Mary Janes, platforms, ankle boots, knee boots, thigh boots, and a shameless 15 pairs of Louboutins. Feel free to add to my collection. You may request a wardrobe preference but it is at my discretion if I choose to wear it. If it’s a fetish item and I don’t have it, I am amenable to wearing it if purchased.

Medical Area

My fetish “clinic” occupies a part of my BDSM studio. It is small but extremely well-appointed. 

Starting with my antique stainless steel medical cabinet where the rows of glass jars contain needles, syringes, tongue depressors, thermometers, swabs, sutures, scalpels, and bandages. The rest of the shelves are lined with the vastest array of speculums: Mathieu rectal speculum, Fansler Rectal speculum, multiple-size Graves speculums, Sakuras speculum, and Gettman speculum. 

The cabinet is also stocked with Van Buren and Hegar urethral sounds, other urethral toys, foley catheters, drain bags, IV sets, infusion fluids, cupping set, forceps, cautery, Wartenberg wheel, razors, shaving cream, and a comprehensive assortment of Estim power boxes and attachments. 

All of this is to be used on a willing patient who will be seated, strapped, or heavily restrained to my StyleFetish Super Boomer gyno chair. It’s a fully automatic BDSM gyno chair with a variety of accessories such as the Striker II fucking machine, adjustable leg holders, bondage straps, steel shackles, and a very intense head restraint for patients who won’t cooperate.

I have acquired a tremendous collection of enema BDSM gear, unparalleled by anyone else in the U.S. My enema gear includes two, three, four, and 6-quart bags; colon tubes ranging from .5-3 inches in diameter and 12-36 inches in length; several variations of inflatable retention nozzles including the no longer available Rusch double bardex; Delton style hard plastic nozzles; original klystra enema tip set; a huge selection of nozzles from; dildo nozzles; large volume syringes; and funnel nozzles.



I do however offer rentals to qualified pro doms for sessions and photo shoots. If you are interested please email me at and put STUDIO RENTAL INQUIRY in the subject. Include your website, social media, and references from previous rental locations.

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