7 Lessons Learned From Meeting a Dominatrix

Mistress Natalie is just like any other woman. Except she has an impressive whip collection.
It’s not every day you get asked to write a story on being a dominatrix; so when my editor put it to me that I learn a thing or two about the job and ponder the potential life lessons those of us who aren’t paid to whip people into sexual submission could glean from spending a little time with one, I thought, ‘Why not?’. And so it was I stumbled upon Mistress Natalie.
 Natalie is a professional dominatrix in New York City. She’s been in this line of work for more than 20 years and absolutely loves it. We got to chat while I hustled from SoHo to Chelsea and she headed to a session with a client in a cab. In our brief conversation, she taught me a thing or two (or seven…) about what life as a domme involves…
 - See more at: http://shesaid.com/7-lessons-i-learned-from-being-tutored-by-a-dominatrix/#sthash.0AstkSOB.dpuf

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In my absence I highly recommend the following who will be using my studio: Mistress Nadia http://www.mistressnadia.com.   Mistress Anya, website coming (please see blog post for photo) email mistressanya001@gmail.com phone 646-413-4763,  Mistress Alicia http://mistressalicia.com/ and Mistress Victoria http://www.mistressvictoriarobinson.com  If location does not matter I also recommend Mistress Tess www.mistresstess.com

Fully Transformed, Bernadette earns her girls night out

Sissy slut Bernadette planned a well-conceived surprise for me, one she knew I would love.  Upon opening my door I see she has arrived already fully dressed, transformed to perfection.  It was such a rewarding surprise, seeing all the years of training come together, showing me her utter devotion and willingness to do anything for her Mistress.  Presenting herself to me transformed to perfection.
Legs smooth and shaved, French tipped nails, matching toes with ring.  Open toed heels that she walked in so gracefully.  Her dress was well-fitted and accessorized with just the right amount of jewelry. Hair and makeup were flawless. She was perfectly styled, nothing overlooked or forgotten.  Bernadette knows I’m a stickler for details.
Bernadette had revealed to me that in preparation for my surprise she had been taking voice and walking lessons, spending countless hours practicing at home, wanting to be that graceful lady for her Mistress.  She also went to a professional makeup and wig artist to style her properly before her visit.  Bernadette was determined to be able to meet and exceed my expectations of her.
Bernadette did not disappoint at all in presentation or performance that evening. She was, as always, the most obedient sissy submissive.  Surrendering herself to all of my sadistic tortures, willing to take anything to please her Mistress.  I must confess it was so much fun taking Bernadette from the meticulously presented lady she arrived as and seeing the disheveled, used and abused slut she left as.

Her hard work and extra effort pleased me enough to have earned her the much sought after reward- girl’s night out.  We went to a show and had drinks at Henrietta Hudson.

Photo Shoot by Victor Cobo...horse mask in the park

This was a very unique shoot wearing various masks in Central Park at night.  Victor is a creative photographer who uses many non-digital as well as digital cameras to photograph.

Armed and Dangerous

If you thought I was dangerous before, watch out.  Here are a few shots of my first ever shooting adventure.  Wait until I get practice. I will be deadly.


As they say, “no good deed goes unpunished”…I know those of you who donated are very happy for that piece of wisdom.
I want to truly thank everyone who donated.  With your help I was able to reach my goal (and as you know failure is NOT an option, so lucky for you I was successful).
I must make a very special thank you to Double W for contributing more than half of the funds towards my goal, so Thank You, Thank You.
Now the bar has been set and I will raise my sights for next year’s ride… I will expect (demand!) you to raise your efforts as well.
Lastly, a quick thank you for all the good weather thoughts, they worked and it was the only sunny break in the weather New York had in over a week.

Now down to the nitty gritty lest you think I did not do my part.  I started surrounded by a mass of bikers speeding down the steep dark decent through the Lincoln Tunnel, spilling out into NJ traffic.  While I’m not a fan of riding with traffic it was light and the views were beautiful.  My nerves now settled, after the tunnel start, I was enjoying the ride even navigating some complex turns and muddled merges.  All was going very well until this hair pin turn left me with no speed at the bottom of a very steep hill. Thankfully it was short and I was rapidly descending the first hill only to be meet by another hugely steep hill… I knew it was bad as cyclists started dropping out and walking. Unfortunately it was much longer than the first.  Enviously I looked at those climbing with ease refusing to join the group to my right walking up the hill.  I made it to the top and hoped the course got all of the hard stuff out of the way first.
At only about a third of the way in I didn’t know if I could climb another hill like that.  To my chagrin upon entering the Palisades State Park my hopes were crushed as I started to ascend the steepest longest hill of my short 7 month biking adventure…3.2 miles of climbing over 500 feet.  I never thought it would end, the road was now sectioned into 3 parts, the huge line of cyclists walking there bike off to the right, the racers to the left who were flying up it like they has jet engines on their bikes and the middle a mix everyone else.  I never thought this thing was going to end. SLOWLY I climbed stuck in a pool of heavy breathing; I knew I just had to keep going.  Success…I made it to the top.  After a short break I continued and enjoyed the day warming up and the beautiful views.  Then as if to remind me why I’m riding I was faced with another hill.  It was not as grueling as the previous but still harder than any hill I biked before that day.
The end was in sight I entered the GW Bridge knowing Manhattan was on the other side.  The view was stunning but overshadowed by the tight passing of cyclists.  This narrow passage was not closed off to cyclist trying to get from Manhattan to Jersey. In an attempt to make room for the oncoming cycling traffic I edged my bike too far to the right, I then over-corrected to the left, landing on the oncoming cyclists bike.  My first mini-crash, good thing I was barely moving.  A few scrapes and bruises but more rattled than hurt. Exiting into Manhattan to complete the ride I cycled 70 blocks through the traffic laden west side (I now have proof that cycling in the streets of the city is just NOT FUN).
Once I entered the West Side Highway bike path my smile returned in spades and I finish the ride greeted by those afflicted with MS handing out medals to those of us crossing the finish line.  Words can not express hoe great it felt.   I can’t wait for next year!

Donate To My MS Ride

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Bike Tour
Donate already. It's for a good cause.

“Having multiple sclerosis means that you may not be able to walk when you wake up. Or that you may suddenly have impaired vision. Or that your memory will fail you for no apparent reason. The symptoms of MS are different for everyone - the only certainty is that it will affect yet another person every hour of every day.”
Anyone who knows me might be wondering how I wound up on a bike at all, let alone fundraising for this very noble cause and attempting this 50 mile ride? I’m sure most would say, you must have the wrong girl!  Biking does not include stilettos, tattoos, swinging from meat hooks, pink hair dye or candy and does involve being OUSTIDE in the SUN...Something is very wrong with this picture!
My getting on a bike for the first time in 25 years stems from 2 places. First, was a serious injury I suffered about a year ago, the worst injury I’ve ever had.  Second, from an amazing friend who encouraged me to ride and who’s mother passed away as a result of MS.
My injury was not life threatening but it left me feeling disabled and vulnerable. I had 8 months of physical therapy three times a week until I was able to regain normal function then 2 months with a functional movement trainer to build up strength in my chest, back, and shoulder.  The simplest things like opening a door, hailing a cab, and carrying groceries were all challenges.  These everyday things are almost always taken for granted- until you can’t do them.  I was also unable to participate in my two most favorite activates yoga and pole dancing.  This whole experience was a very rude awakening -I am not super human, I am not invincible.  WTF!
About 6 months into my recovery I began searching for something to replace my previous favorite activities. Something I could really get into.  The tears in my rotator cuff meant no more pole dancing, ever.  Unless, of course, I wanted to guarantee I’d need surgery within the next few years.  Yoga wasn’t out all together but I was not in good enough shape to attempt it yet.  Pretty much from day one of my injury my motto was “at least my legs still work”. This is what I would tell myself as I hit the gym grudgingly doing monotonous cardio on some silly machine.  My physical therapist said I should be good enough to do some biking, and it was perfect weather to get outside after our horrific winter.  In theory this would be a great option, except a few key factors. 1.I didn’t have a bike, 2. I hadn’t been on one in about 25 years and 3. I have an IRRATIONAL fear of falling.
Many. many friends over many, many years have tried to get me to ride with them.  I outright refused to even entertain such ridiculousness.  Me on a bike, haha, absurd.  I’ve also been told by a friend or two or ten that I can be quite stubborn so getting me to change my mind is next to impossible.
Given my desperate circumstances to find SOMETHING, ANYTHING to replace my lost activates and a close friend who’s an avid biker  encouraging me the thought became more of an option than I ever would have imagined.  I must admit I do love a challenge and using this to help get over my fear of falling was looking more and more like something I just HAD TO DO.  While mulling over this crazy notion I couldn’t get out of my head my friend’s motivation for biking.  He told me his drive to pursue biking with such ardor was driven by watching the loss of his mother’s mobility and eventually life from MS.  His passion and motivation was inspirational. Faced with challenges due to my injury I felt more connected than ever to his situation and made me hold tight to my rehab motto…at least my legs still work… I was not going to take them for granted.
So the seeds were planted, the challenge defined, I was going to ride a bike.
The first Saturday in April, a very cool spring day, so why am I sweating through my shirt walking to the park?  Ahhh yes, it’s my irrational fear wreaking havoc on my autonomic nervous system provoking the fight or flight reaction at just the mere thought of renting the bike. I am asking myself why the fuck I’m doing this, sweating, pulse racing, no color in my face, seriously why do this?  The pragmatic part of me knows I’m being irrational and   I just have to suck it up because I KNOW once I’m riding for a bit my anxiety will decrease and I will no longer be scared.  It’s just riding a bike after all. The “fight” kicks in and before I know it I’m successfully navigating though runners, baby strollers, skateboarders, tourists, dogs, pedi-cabs and horse drawn carriages.  Success.  I leave the park that day knowing I’ll be back.
By my birthday April 29th in late I knew biking was a most suitable replacement for pole dance and yoga. I had asked for and gotten a beautiful Trek 7.5 hybrid bike as a gift.    Having my own bike changed everything.  I could ride whenever and for as long as I like and it was ON!  The 5 boro bike tour was occurring shortly after I got my bike.  My friend was very disappointed he could not participate in this ride and mentioned he was going to increase the challenge by doing a 64 mile ride in Hudson Valley.  As the weeks passed I starting to feeling more comfortable on my bike. There were no more cold sweats before I got to the park, no more nausea when thinking about riding near the traffic allowed in the park, no more irrational fear.  Then the idea started ….my first bike tour…a 30 mile ride through the Hudson Valley.  Would I be ready in 4 short weeks? It was a challenge I had to take.  Sunday, June 26th, I completed by first bike tour.  In 3 short months I’d gone from a complete novice to accomplishing my first 30 mile ride. 
When my friend told me he was going to ride for MS next and do some fundraising I knew I had to join in the effort and support a cause so important to my friend and bike mentor. So here I am 11 months post injury, found a new great passion, inspired by amazing people, encourage and helped by generous friends and SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO READY TO GIVE BACK to a very worthy cause.
"True charity is the desire to be useful to others without thought of recompense"  Emanuel Swedenborg

The NEW Mistress Natalie

Welcome to the all-NEW MistressNatalie.com.
My name is Nikki. Some of you might remember me as Ms Nikki -- I had a bunch of dungeons and websites a long time ago.  I've known Mistress Natalie for about 18 years.  We've been boss, employee, mentor, student, friends, best friends, therapists, sisters and family to each other.  I like to remind Natalie that this is more like 100 years in real-people time. In fact, it might make us some kind of S&M vampires. I'm not sure. I'm looking into it.
I retired 5 years ago and Mistress Natalie moved the entire contents of my dungeon to storage -- built a facility of her own -- moved all the stuff to the new spot -- added a bunch more stuff, and then opened her own private salon -- midtown west. She did an amazing job, and her space is outstanding. It's private, posh and really sexy. You can't imagine how incredibly cool it is for me to experience what was so close to my heart reinvented in a modern incarnation. Simply excellent.
Long-time Mistress Natalie fans will remember our start on the web in 1998. You'll also remember the high-design purple extravaganza site that I (with a bunch of help) launched for her -- first in 2002, and then again in 2003 and 2004. For the last few years Natalie has been patiently waiting for me to design a new site. I'm happy to announce the April 2011 launch of Mistress Natalie 3.0.
It wouldn't be possible without the hard work of programmer, Bob Roberts, who has worked tirelessly alongside me for the last three plus weeks as we made my site concept a reality. It's a little of me, a lot of Natalie, and it works really good because of Bob. I did it because Natalie is my friend and I love her. Bob, well, he did it because he wanted to help. The content in this site spans 15 years and half a dozen web sites. People from every walk of life contributed to this site, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. We are united in love and respect for Mistress Natalie. This is our tribute to her. I hope you enjoy it.