7 Lessons Learned From Meeting a Dominatrix

Mistress Natalie is just like any other woman. Except she has an impressive whip collection.
It’s not every day you get asked to write a story on being a dominatrix; so when my editor put it to me that I learn a thing or two about the job and ponder the potential life lessons those of us who aren’t paid to whip people into sexual submission could glean from spending a little time with one, I thought, ‘Why not?’. And so it was I stumbled upon Mistress Natalie.
 Natalie is a professional dominatrix in New York City. She’s been in this line of work for more than 20 years and absolutely loves it. We got to chat while I hustled from SoHo to Chelsea and she headed to a session with a client in a cab. In our brief conversation, she taught me a thing or two (or seven…) about what life as a domme involves…
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BDSM - It's More Than What You Think

Join Mistress Natalie as she walks us through how she uses her “Kinky Coaching” approach on BDSM as a tool to hack ones mental, physical and emotional well-being.

Agent Provocateur has some competition Atelier Bordelle

I love and alway will love Agent Provocateur but I finally got the Bordelle Bondage Waspie and am also in love.  The dresses are next on my list.





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Here we are again and some still might be wondering how and why I, MISTRESS NATALIE, am riding a bike at all, let alone fundraising and setting out for this grueling, hilly 55 mile ride. If this was a year ago I’m sure most would say, “Natalie cycling, ha, you MUST have the wrong girl!  Biking does not include stilettos, tattoos, swinging from meat hooks, pink hair dye or candy and does involve being OUTSIDE in the SUN.  You must mean a different Natalie” That would have been a very valid response.
I am the slave driver after all, forcing my obedient pets to pamper me, worship me, and work for me. In all honesty I would like to harness my slaves to a string of bikes, climb into my chariot and crack the whip forcing them to pedal harder, faster, harder, faster, laughing the whole time (but I’ll save that for another day.) But others may have seen the transformation over the past year and know that I am now able to put down the whip (TEMPORARILY) and do the hard work myself. Obviously this must be an extraordinary situation, and it is.  “Having multiple sclerosis means that you may not be able to walk when you wake up. Or that you may suddenly have impaired vision. Or that your memory will fail you for no apparent reason. The symptoms of MS are different for everyone - the only certainty is that it will affect yet another person every hour of every day.” I think that is all the reason I need.
For those who don’t know I will briefly explain why I got on a bike for the first time in 25 years.  I suffered a serious injury, the worst and ever had, about two years ago and could no longer participate in my favorite physical activity of pole dace. Through the encouragement of a great friend to get me on a bike (an activity approved by my doctors) and who’s mother passed away MS I started investigating this new activity.  In theory this would be a great option, but there were a few obstacles, first was the whole outdoor/park thing -I’m so not a fan, then there was the not being on a bike  for about 25 years thing and oh yes lets not forget my totally debilitating completely irrational fear of falling, yeah that was a big one.
I must admit I do love a challenge and using this to help get over my fear of falling was looking more and more like something I just HAD TO DO.  While mulling over this crazy notion I couldn’t get out of my head my friend’s motivation for biking.  He told me his drive to pursue biking with such ardor was driven by watching the loss of his mother’s mobility and eventually life from MS.  His passion and motivation was inspirational. Faced with challenges due to my injury I felt more connected than evhttp://mistressnatalie.com/wp-admin/post-new.phper to his situation and made me hold tight to my rehab motto…at least my legs still work… I was not going to take them for granted.
So the seeds were planted, the challenge defined, I was going to ride a bike. And ride I did.  Last year’s “Project Biking” was an utterly transformative experience and it culminated in doing the Southern NY Bike MS ride raising $5065.  I will forgo the grueling details of the ride as I really don’t want to think about what I’m going to me putting myself through in just over a month but what I will share is the most wonderful feeling of finishing the ride surround by those with MS cheering and clapping for you.  It changed me in such a profound way that I was determined to continue biking and of course ride for MS again.
I have spent the summer training with my Naziesque (takes one to know one) bike coach and practicing with my riding partner.  I already accomplished a personal biking goal this year of completing my first century (100 mile) ride and now am preparing for the last big event of the season.  I do like to save the best for last.
Now that I have been all nicey nice and let you see the human side to me don’t think for one second YOU are getting off easy.  Your work is about to start right now- YOU MUST DONATE.  This is MANDATORY, No excuses, disappointing me is not an option. As soon as you are done reading this I command you donate immediately.  I’ll know if you don’t!

Fully Transformed, Bernadette earns her girls night out

Sissy slut Bernadette planned a well-conceived surprise for me, one she knew I would love.  Upon opening my door I see she has arrived already fully dressed, transformed to perfection.  It was such a rewarding surprise, seeing all the years of training come together, showing me her utter devotion and willingness to do anything for her Mistress.  Presenting herself to me transformed to perfection.
Legs smooth and shaved, French tipped nails, matching toes with ring.  Open toed heels that she walked in so gracefully.  Her dress was well-fitted and accessorized with just the right amount of jewelry. Hair and makeup were flawless. She was perfectly styled, nothing overlooked or forgotten.  Bernadette knows I’m a stickler for details.
Bernadette had revealed to me that in preparation for my surprise she had been taking voice and walking lessons, spending countless hours practicing at home, wanting to be that graceful lady for her Mistress.  She also went to a professional makeup and wig artist to style her properly before her visit.  Bernadette was determined to be able to meet and exceed my expectations of her.
Bernadette did not disappoint at all in presentation or performance that evening. She was, as always, the most obedient sissy submissive.  Surrendering herself to all of my sadistic tortures, willing to take anything to please her Mistress.  I must confess it was so much fun taking Bernadette from the meticulously presented lady she arrived as and seeing the disheveled, used and abused slut she left as.

Her hard work and extra effort pleased me enough to have earned her the much sought after reward- girl’s night out.  We went to a show and had drinks at Henrietta Hudson.

Photo Shoot by Victor Cobo...horse mask in the park

This was a very unique shoot wearing various masks in Central Park at night.  Victor is a creative photographer who uses many non-digital as well as digital cameras to photograph.

Armed and Dangerous

If you thought I was dangerous before, watch out.  Here are a few shots of my first ever shooting adventure.  Wait until I get practice. I will be deadly.


As they say, “no good deed goes unpunished”…I know those of you who donated are very happy for that piece of wisdom.
I want to truly thank everyone who donated.  With your help I was able to reach my goal (and as you know failure is NOT an option, so lucky for you I was successful).
I must make a very special thank you to Double W for contributing more than half of the funds towards my goal, so Thank You, Thank You.
Now the bar has been set and I will raise my sights for next year’s ride… I will expect (demand!) you to raise your efforts as well.
Lastly, a quick thank you for all the good weather thoughts, they worked and it was the only sunny break in the weather New York had in over a week.

Now down to the nitty gritty lest you think I did not do my part.  I started surrounded by a mass of bikers speeding down the steep dark decent through the Lincoln Tunnel, spilling out into NJ traffic.  While I’m not a fan of riding with traffic it was light and the views were beautiful.  My nerves now settled, after the tunnel start, I was enjoying the ride even navigating some complex turns and muddled merges.  All was going very well until this hair pin turn left me with no speed at the bottom of a very steep hill. Thankfully it was short and I was rapidly descending the first hill only to be meet by another hugely steep hill… I knew it was bad as cyclists started dropping out and walking. Unfortunately it was much longer than the first.  Enviously I looked at those climbing with ease refusing to join the group to my right walking up the hill.  I made it to the top and hoped the course got all of the hard stuff out of the way first.
At only about a third of the way in I didn’t know if I could climb another hill like that.  To my chagrin upon entering the Palisades State Park my hopes were crushed as I started to ascend the steepest longest hill of my short 7 month biking adventure…3.2 miles of climbing over 500 feet.  I never thought it would end, the road was now sectioned into 3 parts, the huge line of cyclists walking there bike off to the right, the racers to the left who were flying up it like they has jet engines on their bikes and the middle a mix everyone else.  I never thought this thing was going to end. SLOWLY I climbed stuck in a pool of heavy breathing; I knew I just had to keep going.  Success…I made it to the top.  After a short break I continued and enjoyed the day warming up and the beautiful views.  Then as if to remind me why I’m riding I was faced with another hill.  It was not as grueling as the previous but still harder than any hill I biked before that day.
The end was in sight I entered the GW Bridge knowing Manhattan was on the other side.  The view was stunning but overshadowed by the tight passing of cyclists.  This narrow passage was not closed off to cyclist trying to get from Manhattan to Jersey. In an attempt to make room for the oncoming cycling traffic I edged my bike too far to the right, I then over-corrected to the left, landing on the oncoming cyclists bike.  My first mini-crash, good thing I was barely moving.  A few scrapes and bruises but more rattled than hurt. Exiting into Manhattan to complete the ride I cycled 70 blocks through the traffic laden west side (I now have proof that cycling in the streets of the city is just NOT FUN).
Once I entered the West Side Highway bike path my smile returned in spades and I finish the ride greeted by those afflicted with MS handing out medals to those of us crossing the finish line.  Words can not express hoe great it felt.   I can’t wait for next year!