Interview with @AmalievonStein

I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the fabulous Amalie Von Stein yesterday. Check out the interview here





I will be pretty out of pocket during my vacation. I will check emails when I can giving priority to those who want to schedule for when I return. See my schedule here:


Wishing everyone a fabulous holiday season and Happy and Healthy New year. Looking forward to 2020!!!

If you would like to send a little holiday cheer my way I am accepting gift cards to the Apple store.  After 7 years my iMac has come to an end, sad but true.




Don't miss the rare opportunity to see me on the West Coast! I will be accepting PRE-BOOKING ONLY. Do not think I will just "squeeze you in" Booking will be closed October 16th.  Please submit you request here :


What A Glowing Review

've been hard at work six of the past 7 days, but I had to say thank you again for a SPECTACULAR session, as well as for allowing me to do the remaining $50 next time.
You absolutely ROCKED me, and then later that evening I got to rock out at the Stryper concert!
Likewise, I hope our DELICIOUS session was the springboard to a great evening for you as the "Star of the Show" at the KinkQueens event.
Here's a much deserved homage to you and to the BLISS TSUNAMI YOU ENGULFED ME IN!  Testimony material to utilize as you see fit.
All the very best to you,
The phrase ''loving every minute of it" must have been coined for the magnificent Mistress Natalie NYC.  She opens the studio door and she opens up to you, with her sparkling personality and her smile like the sun.  This may have been my 4th time seeing Mistress Natalie, but EVERY TIME has been a charm!  She makes it so!
An easy breezy conversation to settle in before we dive in.  She communicates warmly & assuredly, so that we're both on the same page for the Tour de Force that lies ahead.
Mistress Natalie is a stellar role player, and she brings conviction, intelligence, and talent to a scene that could rival Meryl Streep!    Mistress Natalie keeps your mind continually spinning because she is so deliciously verbal.  She paints masterpieces with just her words.
Mistress Natalie's physique is a sight to cherish, and she utilizes her physicality in a wonderfully dominant way.  Her strength packed a wallop as she throttled me across the room, then pouncing on me like a panther, she pinned my shoulders to the bondage table with her knees.  My one consolation was that it allowed me the beautiful vantage point to admire her truly beautiful face staring down at me.
Mistress Natalie's studio is comfortable, colorful, and immaculate.  Her arsenal of BDSM equipment is vast, so she can fix you in all kind of precarious positions.  I was fortunate to try her new tilting medical chair for the 2nd time (first was with her equally DEVASTATING partner-in-carnal crime, Mistress Anya, hello Double Domme DOOM!)
My favorite bit of gear is the Venus 2000.  With this device, Mistress Natalie truly makes you her puppet on a string, and you'll be thrilled for that honor & pleasure!
My greatest pleasure, though, was to admire how clearly Mistress Natalie was "in the moment" WITH ME and how much SHE TOO was loving every minute of it!
See her and she'll have you seeing stars, and she herself is a SHINING STAR!

One Size NEVER Fits All

Sometime I fear my slaves or potential slaves worry they are not good enough, can't take enough, aren't as "extreme" as others. I want everyone to know, for me, it's NEVER less exciting if you are not able to replicate the "amount" taken by another slave. For me the ONLY important thing is that you do YOUR personal best  each and every time.  I know on social medial everyone likes to post the most extreme, the biggest toys, the bloodiest asses, the most intense bondage (I am guilty of this as well) BUT my pleasure is not derived from this.  My pleasure comes strictly from getting you to that place of surrender where ever that may fall on the "extreme scale"

There is something for everyone and it's the duty of a good Domme to fine that line for each individual. There is nothing cookie cutter about what I do- one size does not fit all!.

A Public Service Announcement

I would like to encourage all my slaves and potential slaves to schedule in advance. Serving is a luxury and a privilege and last minute, same day and even same week opportunities are rare.

YOU are the one who misses out when you don't think ahead. Yes, I know schedules change and things happen but approaching your time in service with the reverence it deserves means thinking, planning and acting in advance.

Scheduling in advance also allows for plenty of time spent with delicious anticipation, the devious torment beings then, how could you not want more of that!

I am currently fully committed through May 15th (barring any cancellations). I have only 5 days (16, 20, 22, 24 and 30) with availability this month. 

Every Little Bit Helps


My good friend suffered 3 major tragedies almost back to back.  We all forget just how bad things can be sometimes.  I encourage all those who can to help. Her father was recently in a very serious car accident, it has left him very infirmed. Then, just last Thursday, her parents house caught fire and was destroyed.  Before the family was allowed back to see what could be retrieved the apartment was burglarized.

See the footage here

Please find it within yourself to make a small donation to her Go Fund Me


D.C. March 27, April 1-2

L.A. April 5-8

Boston May 13-15

Miami June 20-23 DOUBLES with Mistress Anya

email me to schedule


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Visiting on: March 28, 29 and April 1, 2