The NEW Mistress Natalie

Welcome to the all-NEW
My name is Nikki. Some of you might remember me as Ms Nikki -- I had a bunch of dungeons and websites a long time ago.  I've known Mistress Natalie for about 18 years.  We've been boss, employee, mentor, student, friends, best friends, therapists, sisters and family to each other.  I like to remind Natalie that this is more like 100 years in real-people time. In fact, it might make us some kind of S&M vampires. I'm not sure. I'm looking into it.
I retired 5 years ago and Mistress Natalie moved the entire contents of my dungeon to storage -- built a facility of her own -- moved all the stuff to the new spot -- added a bunch more stuff, and then opened her own private salon -- midtown west. She did an amazing job, and her space is outstanding. It's private, posh and really sexy. You can't imagine how incredibly cool it is for me to experience what was so close to my heart reinvented in a modern incarnation. Simply excellent.
Long-time Mistress Natalie fans will remember our start on the web in 1998. You'll also remember the high-design purple extravaganza site that I (with a bunch of help) launched for her -- first in 2002, and then again in 2003 and 2004. For the last few years Natalie has been patiently waiting for me to design a new site. I'm happy to announce the April 2011 launch of Mistress Natalie 3.0.
It wouldn't be possible without the hard work of programmer, Bob Roberts, who has worked tirelessly alongside me for the last three plus weeks as we made my site concept a reality. It's a little of me, a lot of Natalie, and it works really good because of Bob. I did it because Natalie is my friend and I love her. Bob, well, he did it because he wanted to help. The content in this site spans 15 years and half a dozen web sites. People from every walk of life contributed to this site, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera. We are united in love and respect for Mistress Natalie. This is our tribute to her. I hope you enjoy it.