Because I'm a colorful person

Well after my egg dying experiment, I decided that 2 colors was just not enough for me. I needed more out of my BEST enema slut, they would be pushed to please me even more than before.  The day was a fantastic bizarre enema eggstravaganza. 10 enemas in total, 4 colored.  I can honestly say this was one of the best things I have ever done in my 20 years of playing.

Heavy Medical

The reformation of my patient to immaculate and feminize was a complete success.  The treatment consisted of the following protocol:
shaving gentilia
restrictive bondage- including nasal hook
suture chastity
nipple piercing
cross- dressing
enema theapy
electro shock treatment
scrotal inflation


The MOST FUN dyeing Easter eggs ever!

Aren't they pretty.  These are Mistress Natalie ENEMA DYED EASTER EGGS. Yes that's right.
In order to make sure my best enema slut was clean for the dying process I administered a large glycerine shot followed by a 5 qt enema followed by another glycerin shot.  The second 5 qt enema was administered with a large nozzle and lots of soap.  Then the process began.  A VERY large volume enema with beautifully colored water was given, I removed the nozzle and inserted the eggs which were held and held and held to make sure my eggs would come out a fabulous color.  First pink then blue.  I was so proud of my slut taking so much for me.  I LOVE my eggs :-)