Boston Dominatrix:
Mistress Natalie King

Our Femdom adventure begins with the thrill of connection, the inciting incident of our mutual journey. Ensuring that all details align seamlessly, from the timing of the train to the coordination of work schedules, adds an extra layer of excitement. The anticipation of meeting someone eager and willing to submit and satisfy me transforms the logistical aspects of the trip into a thrilling endeavor, a puzzle we solve together in pursuit of true pleasure.

As the departure time approaches, my excitement intensifies. My boarding the Boston-bound train becomes a symbolic first step on your journey into the depths of self-discovery. The train ride itself offers a picturesque journey through the Northeastern landscape and allows my kinky mind to wander as I fantasize about our time together.

Preparing for the trip is a meticulous process, with careful consideration given to attire and gear. I’m spoiled by my luxury of choice in gear, equipment, toys and costumes available at my studio. It is always a challenge to cherry-pick the right pieces that are both travel-friendly and effective for our BDSM date, but I have a keen sense of exactly what I should bring to make you quiver.

Entering the hotel room, the anticipation of your service becomes palpable. I love transforming the classic luxury of the hotel into the kinky luxury of my Femdom art. I carefully arrange my tools so they’re visible as soon as you enter the room. This glimpse into your future makes you instantly drop to your knees.

How My BDSM Sessions
Work in Boston

Being away from the creature comforts of my studio by no means lessens the luxury BDSM experience I offer. A connoisseur of both pleasure and pain, dominance and submission, power exchange and role-play, each experience I create becomes a work of art. My subs are invited to partake in an exquisite journey of sensuality and dominance. Whether in my Beacon Hill hotel room or guest dungeon, I tailor each session to your deepest fantasies and allow you to express your devotion through submission.

The menu of experiences ranges from the delicately sensual to the provocatively intense, from deliciously devious roleplay to gory medical fetish scenes. Time with me is an escape into a world where the line between fantasy and reality blurs as I seamlessly intertwine luxury with the provocative. I can make any location into a sanctuary where pleasure knows no bounds, and your desires are safe to reveal in their most authentic expression.

When traveling I prefer to session in my four or five-star hotel room. I plan rigorously to ensure that I can pack all the necessary gear to provide a highly unique Femdom experience. Due to the logistics of travel, It is absolutely essential to book my services well in advance. Luckily high-quality Boston-area dungeon rentals are available to me if your desires include heavier BDSM gear and equipment. Of course, your necessary tribute will reflect the inclusion of any dungeon rental fee.

While I travel to Boston fairly regularly sometimes schedules don’t align; I highly encourage my dedicated hedonists to “Train Me To You” (TMTY). I am delighted to travel to Boston specifically to curate a personalized session. While I’m in town I like to have extended experiences with my subs, especially over long dinners in some of Boston’s best fine-dining restaurants. Lifestyle time spent together is a fabulous luxury for you and allows us to build an authentic connection as you serve me in novel ways. The Medical Mistress loves to be in her clinic, but is willing to make house calls for the right sub! While we won’t have the aesthetic of my well-stocked exam room I am still eager to play Doctor with you.

Travel to New York

Maybe you have a work trip in Manhattan or are just ready for a change of scenery. New York is such a short trip from Boston and I’d love to be your destination vacation. Coming to New York specifically to serve their Mistress is an exhilarating experience for a Boston-based submissive, and an affirmation of your true identity. The anticipation builds we plan together and your journey unfolds with a sense of delicious anticipation. Arriving in New York, the iconic skyline and the thrumming energy of the city create an unforgettable backdrop for our encounter. The cultural richness, culinary delights, and my studio–the best-equipped BDSM dungeon in New York–are an intoxicating combination.

Are you ready for a Femdom journey?

Favorite BDSM Scenes & Femdom Activities

Power Exchange • Pegging • Predicament Bondage • Sensory Deprivation •  Tease and Denial • Leather Bondage • Chastity • Feminization • Sissification • Role Play • Hypnosis • Corporal Punishment • Fisting • Slave Training • Urethral Sounds • EStim • Traditional BDSM • Sensual BDSM • Violet Wand • Medical BDSM • Sensory Play • Mummification • CBT • Nipple Play • Showers • Foot Worship • Boot Worship • Discreet Public BDSM Play • Shaving • Speculums • Enemas • Punishment Enemas • Large Volume Enemas • Needles • Sutures • Venus 2000 • Milking • Shopping Excursions • Social Time • Findom • Breast and Scrotal Infusions • Medical Feminization • Cuckold • Forced Bi • Double Domme BDSM • Latex Worship

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