Wish list

Gifts will always be received with great appreciation. I tend to be more practical with my gift wishes. I love useful things like personal training sessions, vitamin IV infusions, chiropractic visits, massages, and funding my investments. That said, being spoiled is so delicious and decadent. I encourage you to investigate my wish lists for ideas on best gifts for me. I do have a particular aesthetic so jewelry and clothes not on my list run the risk of not hitting the mark.

If you want to pick something up off the cuff you can never go wrong with a bottle of Sancerre. I prefer dry white wine over Champagne, red wine or cocktails. I am very sensitive to scents so no perfumes or candles please. I am an insatiable foodie but have an extremely regimented daily nutrition protocol. Things like chocolates or sweets are only indulged in at the end of a tasting menu with an obedient sub. Pasture-raised meat or wild caught fish would be a much better option.

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