The biggest surprise about being a professional dominatrix is the amazing relationships that have developed over the years. It’s something I never expected, nor could have predicted. Looking at my current stable, I’ve had some of the same subs in my life for more than twenty years. These relationships have grown, thrived and lasted longer than many traditional friendships or marriages. I am so grateful for them and can only hope to fill my life with more.

Over time, I began to build upon scenes at my studio. I started to incorporate more social time including activities like dining out, museums, shopping, travel, yoga, hiking, and cooking. In these situations, our time together is more organic and offers the opportunity to grow beyond the structured scene dynamic.

Lifestyle D/s relationships allow both sides of the relationship to grow as people. With shared experiences, you and I will gain wisdom and can look back on our time as well spent. My partners have taken part in fulfilling acts of submission and service that have brought them inspiration, strength and purpose.


In this next chapter of my life I am on a journey to meet more willing subs who are interested in a D/s lifestyle or female-led relationship. This kind of arrangement requires more commitment on both sides but my experience has proven the rewards are undoubtedly worth it.